What's On

06-2019 – Productivity

In this Roundtable you will learn about… Productivity What it is What it isn’t And how do we start to produce more of the right results that will help us create our ideal business? Handouts Productivity Plan Checklist Marketing... read more

08-2019 – Atomic Habits

In this Roundtable you will learn about… Atomic Habits Today we’re diving into one aspect of your current Book Club book, Atomic Habits by James Clear. In Atomic Habits, James Clear explains a four-step loop that underlies all of... read more

10-2019 – Connection Moves

In this Roundtable you will learn… More about the 8 Growth Zones, and specifically YOU – how to implement the three Connection Moves. How Roundtables Work HerBusiness Network Roundtables are facilitated sessions that give you an opportunity to address... read more

11-2019 – Plan Your 2020

In this Roundtable you will learn… useful tips on how to plan your 2020. Resources mentioned… Content Sells Podcast Episode 23: How to Craft and Offer That Sells My 2020 Business Marketing Worksheet Your 3-Part Marketing Success Plan Order... read more