Have you simply signed up on Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, crossed your fingers, and started to throw stuff on there to see which one will stick or gain some kind of traction? Every time you publish a tweet, a blog post or a link on your Facebook business page, you’re saying something about your brand. Are you taking the same steps to enhance your brand online as you do offline?

This webinar looks at how to approach brand management across social platforms. Our guest is Cheryl Hayman of Hayman Strategy. Whatever you post, what your business says online creates a digital footprint of who you are and what you do. Make sure that digital legacy is directed, clear, and consistent with what you are looking to do now and later.

Watch this one-hour webinar to discover:

  • The mistakes businesses make in branding across social media channels
  • Where social media should fit in your branding strategy
  • The importance of brand consistency and how to achieve it across different ‘channels’
  • Why branding on social media is not just about the logo
  • Tips for developing a consistent (and credible) brand voice across all channels
  • Examples of businesses that are doing a great job at branding
  • Determining your role. Do you want to be a facilitator, opinion leader or a teacher?
  • What are your main ROI points for being on social media?
  • Why it’s important to Match the platform to your Skill and match your skill to your business and your audience

Social media sites make great tools to engage prospects and customers as well as share content and messages about your brand.  Be sure that your social media efforts are attracting the types of prospects you want, followers that are interested in your business, and people who actually WANT to engage with your brand.

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Comments from the audience:

Practical examples, practical lists of things to do, avoid etc.”

Appreciated the site recommendations from Cheryl. I found all of it really helpful.  I enjoyed the examples of businesses that do social media very well – and the specific advice about social media that a service business could use.”

“Great, specific advice offered.”

“As usual, I enjoy not only hearing new approaches but the affirmation of where I am at and where I am heading.”

“Well presented. Succinct, valuable info.”

“I enjoyed the practical tips on using different platforms for different businesses.”

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  • Branding Across Social Media Channels
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About the Guest

In October 2004, Cheryl launched Hayman Strategy in order to maximise her 21 year career working for major multi-national corporations, in Senior Marketing positions, both here and abroad. Additionally, mentoring is a passionate commitment from Cheryl and she works with many people, particularly women, across all ages and stages of...