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Suzi Dafnis, CEO

Every day I get to do what I love… and that’s to spend time with the amazing HerBusiness community.

And what I often hear members say is that running their businesses can be a rollercoaster ride… exhilarating and inspiring one minute, challenging and frustrating the next.

If that sounds familiar... you’re not alone!

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The HerBusiness™ Accelerator Program

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Prioritise the Success of Your Business What is the HerBusiness™ Accelerator Program? The HerBusiness™ Accelerator is a ongoing program to support an exclusive group of business owners to grow as business owners and, as a result, grow their businesses... read more

Fall Back in Love with Your Business

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Here’s the thing… After a while in our own business, we can find ourselves feeling a little out of love with our business… … overwhelmed with a ton of work … stressed and unable to see and think clearly... read more

Communicate with Confidence

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It’s. true. The leaders in any field are usually the most visible. You KNOW who they are, even if they don’t know you. And what they say matters and has an influence on the people they communicate with. Increasing... read more

How to Make a Dent in the World

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Does this sound familiar? You have a dream to make a difference with your business… … to impact a lot of people and to really create change for your clients. And you really want to make a dent in... read more