Expand your social media strategy and create conversations. So, you’re using social media in your business. Maybe you’ve jumped in and taken part in one of these:

  • You’ve got a blog and you’re posting and testing
  • You’re on Facebook and you’ve started to use some of the great functionality and to build a following
  • You’ve put up a video on You Tube to promote your products/services
  • You’re using wikis to manage information and projects
  • You know that Tweeting has nothing to do with birds!

Hopefully you’ve successfully used these platforms (to some level) to expand your network and to raise your profile and your reach. Now what? One of the great opportunities that exists with social media is to engage meaningfully (and at many levels) with others. If you have already started using basic social media tools in your business and want to expand your strategies to incorporate a more integrated approach across a number of social media platforms, then this webinar recording is for you. As we know, social media allows us to participate in two-way relationships with our clients and communities far beyond what was previously possible. So, let’s harness the tools and resources to strategically expand our conversations and build our business community.

This webinar recording will cover:

  • How to “listen” to the conversations:What is your market saying about you, about your product and how do you listen well enough to guide and respond to those conversations?
  • How to engage with existing social networksHow do you expand your reach and influence in existing social networks?
  • How to create an online niche community:Is it best for you to participate in existing communities, or to create your own community?
  • What does that take and how can it work for your business?

We’ll look at various examples and how you can use social media communities to build your influence and your business relationships with clients and prospects.

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Comments from the audience:

Information essential to building our social radar and to start listening.”

“Great information! Very helpful thank you!

“Thanks, excellent stuff!

“Thank you very. Very interesting and informative.

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About the Guest

Anne Bartlett-Bragg is an HRD Consultant who provides professional development services and tailored training products for small to medium-sized enterprises. One of her current major clients is National World Travel – a national franchise group of retail travel agents.