About Me - My Biography

Carly Anderson is an ICF Master Certified Coach who is passionate about advancing the professionalism of coaching. She has parlayed her knowledge of coaching competencies into a new model called, “The Target Approach: Demystifying the ICF Core Competencies.” She has a vision of supporting 1,000 new coaches to become Master Certified Coaches by 2018 because she believes the process of what coaches will learn in the process to reach that high standard, will have a major ripple effect on the clients we coach, throughout the world. Visit www.carlyanderson.com for more.

Carly’s passion and stories from experience of listening to hours and hours of credentialing sessions and from coaching her own clients, are insightful and truly bring to life the competencies within this framework. While Carly’s passion for coaching is infectious, the respect Carly has for you as a coach learning, and the skills themselves, is inspiring and empowering.”  Michelle Duval, Coaching Pioneer and co-author of two international handbooks on coaching

Besides providing mentoring services such as The Mentor Coaching Group, she has worked for many years as a leadership coach, specializing in supporting technical leaders to increase their ability to communicate effectively and lead non-technical people. In 2006, she was selected to train and personally coach 450 managers and high potential individual contributors in Google, Inc. She is regularly contracted to work with engineers, IT leaders, scientists and project managers on making the shift to being a Leader rather than a Manager. Carly also offers Coaching Skills for Leaders in-person training. Visit www.StellarLeader.com for more.


“I had the privilege of working with Carly as my executive coach, during which time she worked with me personally and members of my staff. As a mid-career executive, I have been exposed to a variety of coaching and leadership development in corporate and academic settings – my work with Carly has by far been the most positive experience.”  Patrick Jabal, Vice President, Global Search Partnerships, Google Inc.