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How hot is your business brand?

Click to download the interview Social media marketing is a new and rapidly-changing frontier, and businesses that can quickly interpret and respond to community feedback will be a big step ahead. Georgie Summerhayes is the CEO of BrandData, a... read more

Doing Business with the Crowd

If courting investors Shark Tank-style sounds too far out of your comfort zone, crowdfunding could provide the funding injection you need without the nerve-wracking television appearance. Crowdfunding is when a large number of supporters (the crowd) contribute a small... read more

Find Your Focus 5-Day Challenge

How You Can Get Out of Overwhelm and Know With Confidence and Clarity EXACTLY What You Need To Do Next To Grow Your Business to 6 or 7 Figures.

(Even If You’ve Struggled With This Before or Feel "Swamped" or Unmotivated Right Now!)