Branding Resources

The Brand YOU

Personal branding is not unlike corporate branding. Just like corporate brands succeed or fail based on how consumers perceive, think, and feel about them, so your personal brand on the job is based on how others perceive, think, and... read more

Dare to be Different

The key challenge in today’s competitive world is to build strong, lasting brands. Brands with some ability to transcend their age and to stimulate and captivate those that they are designed for. While the role of these relevant (i.e.... read more

Dare yourself to shine

We live in a ‘grab it and go’ world where sales opportunities are won and lost on first impressions. Ask any successful high-level professional and you are likely to discover that their success was due not only to their... read more

Your portrait, your image

So you’ve been asked to submit the dreaded photograph of yourself to a publication. Just as you’ve taken the time to name your business and create its identity, it’s worth taking the time to ensure the image of yourself... read more

Find Your Focus 5-Day Challenge

How You Can Get Out of Overwhelm and Know With Confidence and Clarity EXACTLY What You Need To Do Next To Grow Your Business to 6 or 7 Figures.

(Even If You’ve Struggled With This Before or Feel "Swamped" or Unmotivated Right Now!)