About Me - My Biography

I am the Founder and CEO of  Women’s Fitness Adventures. It is a role and a business that is a culmination of my working history and my many passions.

My career spans 30 plus years in Marketing, working for some of the world’s biggest brands and household names. From food to fitness and some in between. The last 10 years have been marketing to women internationally within the health and fitness arena.

My experience includes new product launches, product relaunches, developing integrated communication solutions across all channels, market research, introducing and facilitating fitness and weight loss programs, public speaking and even appearing live on TV – all in the name of the brand.

Along the way, I have owned family businesses,  undertaken consultancy work, been an active board member, and taken time out to raise a family.

Combining my marketing skills and knowledge of women’s health and fitness aspirations, Women’s Fitness Adventures was created in 2014. Not only is it changing women’s lives through increased health and wellness, it is creating connections and community amongst women across the country.


My Expertise

My expertise is in marketing and fitness, particularly to women. Having spent the last 10 years of my marketing career in the women’s health and fitness sphere, my experience has given me understanding and insight into the challenges, pressures and aspirations of women across the country. This is particularly relevant in women 40 plus.

Having represented a franchisor in marketing at an international level, I also have experience in working with and facilitating programs with women as business owners.


My Passions

Aside from my family and living the healthiest life I can, my business, Women’s Fitness Adventures is my passion. It is a combination of my lifestyle, my passions and my business experience.

My Interests

My interests are active! There is no time to sit down. There is always a track to hike, a river to cross or a mountain to climb.  Camping with my family, cooking and reading are my other interests.


How I Can Help Other Members

It wasn’t until I became fit and healthy that I realised anything is possible. I can assist members in finding their own path to health and wellness, whilst juggling life – business, family, commitments.

When you commit to a fitness goal, through adventure, the journey is as important as the destination. We challenge ourselves everyday in our business, why not do it with a fitness adventure as well? The principles and process are the same. I can guarantee you, the change is worth it.

Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

I wanted to “step up” to the next level with my business. Having been a community member of HerBusiness for a few months, I had taken all the training and opportunities I could and had realised the positive results these had on my business. HerBusiness quickly became (and still is) my trusted resource.

The logical step was to become a premium member. This was in January 2015. Since then, I haven’t looked back. Each and every week I scour the newsletter for content and resource that I can use to value add my business and I am never disappointed.


My Member to Member Offer(s)

Members can enjoy 25% off an annual membership to Women’s Fitness Adventures. Valued at $99, HerBusiness members price is $74.00  Simply contact yvonne@womensfitnessadventures for more details.