About Me - My Biography

Vivienne Kane loves print – but more importantly, she loves helping small business owners to create print communications that get attention from the right people. And that means they make more money.

What she’s found during more than 20 years as the co-owner of Minuteman Press Prahran is that many small business owners don’t have the right marketing advice to give them the best results. So they spend time and money on the wrong messages and communication channels. This is often a problem online, and it’s also a frustration when connecting in the real world, especially in print.

To solve this problem, Minuteman Press Prahran starts with the end in mind. We look at the outcome required from each piece of print communication, and advise on how to choose and use the right print product to achieve that result.

Vivienne started professional life as a Speech Pathologist, so she’s had a passion for effective communication for more than 30 years. Combined with her technical experience as the owner of Minuteman Press Prahran, she’s ideally positioned to turn your print problem into a marketing success story.

The Minuteman Press Prahran group also includes CalendarPrint, an end to end design and print service for branded customised calendars, which includes free artwork and delivery.

My Passions

I love great design that nails the message and is beautifully produced. Whether it be print, interior design or architecture (I come from a family of architects stretching back into the 19th century), I’m a fan of beautiful things that work well. I love bringing that creativity into my business life.

My Interests

Good food (cooking and eating it) and wine, travel, urban (not bush!) walking

How I Can Help Other Members

I can talk you through the planning and production issues of your next print project – no matter how small, there are lots of tips and tricks to getting the best outcome for your business. I also have a review process “7 Steps to Print Marketing Success” which helps you to discover what’s working and what’s not with your print marketing, and suggests ways to get improved results and more measurable success.

Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

I love working with and helping inspired and inspiring women. Through my membership I hope to contribute to the ABN community, and draw on the knowledge and advice of other members to help develop my own business.