My Connection Statement

“We help business owners to spend more time focusing on specific areas of their business, by supporting them with virtual office secretarial tasks, either face-to-face or remote and within their deadline”.


About Me - My Biography

With many years’ experience in the Insurance, Transport, Sales and Marketing and Chemical industries as a Secretary, P.A. and E.A. I had a sound reputation for producing a professional and varied range of secretarial services.

Prior to commencing the business, I had left my last job when I became pregnant with my first born, a son.  After approximately 12 months my son was settling down to a good sleep during the day and was sleeping through the night.  With my son now in a routine, I remembered that I had been given a Selectric IBM Golf Ball Typewriter at one of my previous positions. The typewriter was ‘gathering dust’ at home, so thought that maybe I could put it to good use by starting a typing business.

I knew that I had been a very experienced, proficient secretary for many years and thought, how hard could it be?

It was a bit more daunting than I first thought. How do you drum up business to get your first couple of clients?

Well, I literally walked the streets in a half an hour radius from my home. After knocking on doors, I met a real estate agent who was extremely frustrated.  His secretary was away sick and he did not know when she would be back at work.  I introduced myself to the agent and explained that I had a typing business and just asked if I could help him.

I walked out of the office with a huge pile of confidential files and struggled to walk the half an hour back to my  house! That was how I gained my first job and MLSS began in 1982, 38 years ago!!

Since this time I have been collaborating and working together with other industries and I now have a large network of business contacts.

I am really looking forward to further collaborating with Her Business colleagues and having a network of ladies in varied industries, which would compliment the MLSS business and educate me in areas where required.

I genuinely cares about people and their welfare and would welcome the opportunity to be able to educate ladies within the Her Business network with my expertise in the future.






My Expertise

  • Back Office Administration including working on the day-to-day administration for our clients and their clients
  • Setting up structures and timelines
  • Training in Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point and Email management
  • Complex transcriptions for individuals and companies, especially in the Legal industry
  • Presenting professional reports in Word and Power Point inclusive of images and tables
  • Designing logos for start-ups and others
  • Business Planning
  • Working personally with a client, gaining rapport
  • Ability to work in any industry or individual
  • Researching the internet


My Passions

  • Absolutely love to help our clients
  • Work ‘over and above’ to reach their goals
  • Very passionate about ‘presentations’ to enable professionalism at all times
  • ‘Deadlines’ is our ‘middle name’ – challenges to complete work by a specified time is exciting!
  • Really want to learn more all the time
  • Strive for perfection
  • Love to collaborate with other companies/individuals and learn about their businesses and gain the trust to allow recommendations from both parties to occur

My Interests

  • ‘Family’ (especially my two grandsons!) and ‘Friends’ time
  • Walking
  • Travelling – within Australia and overseas!
  • Music – mostly modern, with a bit of rock ‘n’ roll and jazz
  • Reading
  • TV

How I Can Help Other Members

I believe I can help other members because:-

  • I have been in business for 38 years
  • I am a calm and passionate individual who really cares about people and wants to genuinely assist and give professional education to those who require assistance
  • I have a very good understanding of ‘outsourcing’ and the ‘should you’ or ‘should you not’ questions associated with outsourcing
  • I have attended many network meetings over the years and gained a large number of contacts in many different industries, who I could recommend to Her Business members

Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

  • I became a HerBusiness member because, although I have been in business a long time, you are always trying to learn new areas in business
  • I felt that I needed a ‘push’ to go to the next level and required assistance with like-minded ladies in different areas of expertise who could help our business to grow
  • I am very motivated when I hear women talking about their businesses and how they are running their businesses. I find it exhilarating and challenging to hear their experiences of successes and sometimes failures. It resonates with me as we are all business women, trying our best to run a successful business and have ladies around you who can assist you in areas where you do not feel comfortable.
  • In return I know that I can ‘give back’ to other women in business, in areas of my expertise, to help them and motivate them to achieve their goals.

My Member to Member Offer(s)

My Member to Member Offer:

free one (1) hour consultation either face-to-face or via Zoom, to discuss how MLSS can be of assistance to you.