About Me - My Biography

I am co-director of intraining Running Centre Pty Ltd in Brisbane with my husband Steve.  intraining is a running specialty business that provides services and products for runners.  Everything a runner could want, we offer…

  • a running specialty sports store;
  • a running injury clinic with podiatry, physiotherapy, a dietitian, pilates classes and massage;
  • coaching groups all around Brisbane for all ages and levels of abilities
  • a running & triathlon club (700 members – not online)
  • Running Event Services
  • Organisers & owners of The Brisbane Marathon Festival, Twilight Running Festival, and Twilight Bay Run
  • Marathon school for marathon, half marathon
  • Couch to 10km Programs
  • Individual  coaching programs

We have owned the business together since 1992.  I myself am a podiatrist, a running coach, and am a mother of three children who have been my primary focus until the last year.  (two have now finished senior and starting their own adventures).

Although having worked within the business for all those years, I feel that my own adventure in the business world is truly beginning and am looking forward with excitement to the challenges that lay ahead.  Intraining is a diverse small business (23 employees, 20 coaches), with a heart and community that is that is larger than life .

My Expertise

Podiatrist    B.Hlth.Sc.Pod (Hons)


  • running,
  • sports and biomechanics
  • paediatrics

Running Coach (Level 2  Accredited Coach)

  • adult recreational (beginner to elite)
  • juniors cross country, track (middle distance), & fun running

Bachelor of Education, specialty:   Hearing Impaired

Member of

  • SMA:  Sports Medicine Australia
  • APODC:  Australian Podiatry Association
  • AT&FCA:  Australian Track & Field Association
  • Athletics Australia
  • Intraining Running & Triathlon Club Inc  (Committee Member)

To come:

  • 2017/18 invited to study for recognised Paediatric Podiatry Specialisation
  • 2019  study to gain recognised Sports Podiatry Specialisation
    • (both these programs are new with only the Paediatric officially ready to take participants.)


My Passions


My family:  Husband Steve, Children Daniel (19), Brooke (17… on a 12 month Rotary Exchange in Brazil), Zoe (15)

My Running Community

My Interests

Running is my life.  I love to compete, train and be with runners at all levels of ability.

To relax I play pool with my husband.  This makes me laugh due to my lack of skill.  It is a moment in time when I don’t think or care about how I need to improve  or be ‘good’ at.  Even though I lose nearly overtime, I just love the moment of spending non-work time with him and of feeling calm.

How I Can Help Other Members

I have been in business for the last 25 years.  I have a large wealth of knowledge in the running industry, from retail to coaching.  However, for more specifics this is difficult to answer as at the moment I am just entering the world of formal business.  This post will need to wait to be updated after 6 months to a year as I gain the confidence in talking about myself and discovering what skills I can really offer.  Stay tuned…

Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

I have always been a supporter of my husband in the business. Now,  I am ready to take on roles within the business that will contribute to its further growth.

I became a member of HerBusiness for personal learning and development, and as a support network.