My Connection Statement

I help overwhelmed business owners get their admin tasks done so they can focus on growing their business by providing customised virtual admin solutions.


About Me - My Biography

CanDo VA helps time-poor small business owners overcome their admin overwhelm by providing virtual administration services.


My name is Deb Mynettand I would love to help you become more productive and achieve your business goals.


Scary as it may sound – “I Love Admin”. Let’s use my 20+ years of administration experience to relieve the overwhelm associated with running a small business.

I’m based in Albury on the NSW / Victorian border with my family and 3 fur babies. The beauty of being a VA is that I get to work with amazing clients all over Australia. I currently have clients in Broome, Darwin, Townsville, Perth, Sunshine Coast, Melbourne and Albury.

I started my business in late 2019 and have been on a rollercoaster ride ever since. I learn something new EVERY day. The key to being a successful VA is to be versatile and always ready to give something new a try.

 If you are looking for a reliable, trustworthy, organised and professional VA, then look no further.

My Expertise

Over 20+ years working in offices, I have gained many skills that I can now use to help my clients.

Over time, my niche has evolved & I have been drawn to women in the coaching industry – wellness, business, life & personal training. However, I will happily work with anyone who I have a great connection with where I can help them to succeed.

My ideal client is a middle-aged woman who is running a small business, probably on her own, possibly in the (life & business) coaching area. She is pouring her heart & soul into the business and may or may not have children at home. She has little spare time and a To-Do List that is out of control. She has huge dreams and is extremely time poor, potentially losing sleep over everything that she needs to do.

I have a strong grasp of the English language, am efficient & accurate, have experience dealing with customers in a professional manner and always place the utmost importance on client satisfaction. Confidentiality is always at the forefront of my business dealings.

My Key Service Areas are detailed below.

Getting Organised

“To-Do List” Taming

 Email & Diary Management

 Document Formatting

 Virtual sounding board & accountability partner

Data Entry, Spreadsheets & Checklists

 Problem Solving

 Implementing Time Saving / Organisational Systems & Procedures

       ✅ Research

Getting Socials Traffic

Proofreading/Editing & Blog Posting

 Social Media Post Creation & Scheduling

 Basic Website Updates (not coding)

       ✅ Facebook Ads

       ✅ Newsletters

Awesome Presentations

 Leaflets, eBooks, brochures, presentations, anything…

✅ Social Media Images 

If you need help to get your admin back on track, please consider outsourcing.

It is not as scary as you may think.


My Passions

My passion is HELPING.

It is extremely rewarding to assist small business owners to grow and thrive in their chosen profession while also giving them the ability to adjust their work/life balance for the better.

This, in turn, allows me to create the work/life balance I desire for myself.

Other passions:- my family, my pets, my friends and the Richmond Tigers (please don’t hold that against me).

My Interests

Volunteering & helping others

Spending time with my dogs (& my partner lol)

Reading (when the urge takes me)

My business & all the learning that goes along with it.

How I Can Help Other Members

If you are considering outsourcing, I can work through the process with you, either taking on a role myself or sourcing a VA with the necessary expertise to meet your requirements.

As I was a qualified insurance broker for many years, I am more than happy to help with any insurance-related questions.




Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

I became a HerBusiness member as it just made sense after I attended the tremendous Summit in Feb 2020.

Working from home (alone) after many years surrounded by people has been difficult. HerBusiness meetings help to fill the void.

I am becoming more confident, expanding my network & gaining valuable knowledge that can help my business to flourish.

My Member to Member Offer(s)

Contact me for a copy of my Outsourcing Checklist


arrange a FREE 1 hour VA Strategy session where we work through the tasks you perform to identify those that can be realistically outsourced and formulate a plan to relieve the overwhelm associated with your administration.