About Me - My Biography

Cat Matson is a digital marketing strategist, with a keen interest in social media; a problem-solver, dot-connector; an excellence-seker and performance improvement junkie.

She works with small-medium businesses and franchise networks providing strategy guidance, tools and resources for effectively using social media. She is also the co-host of the Social Media for Small Business Podcast and the panel chair for Brisbane’s Networx Events for Marketers – as such she regularly connects with some of the best minds and ideas in the marketing, interactive, social and online spaces.

Recently named in the Sydney Morning Herald as a rising female in the technology sector, Cat is considered an industry leader when it comes to social media with a savvy business mind and a robust understanding of the wider business context. Her love of coffee and wine is well documented in her Foursquare trail, and her no BS-approach to all things marketing are captured in the videos and blog posts you’ll find on various sites if you google her name. She thinks in tweets and hashtags and her current wish is to figure out how to live-tweet an event while she’s speaking at it.


My Expertise

Specifically I can help with your Business Strategy | Social Media Strategy | Marketing | Personal Effectiveness. My clients tell me I am really good at seeing the big picture of their business (often seeing it bigger than they can) and then bringing together all the ‘bits’ to make it happen. One particular client likens it to being a medium for business – she says ‘I see dead people’…. I prefer to think I see business possibilities.

My Passions

I passionately believe that business is the best personal development game on the planet – if you want to learn about yourself, grow and evolve, then just run your own show. I love discovery and personal growth and I love the game of business.

My Interests

When not working, I enjoy time with my 2 young boys, my husband and exploring the ever-evolving possibilities of social media. I am a connection junkie – I truly get a buzz out of making connections both on- and off-line. I am often seen with iPhone to my ear and iPad at my fingertips. I also enjoy watching a bit of good cricket and AFL…. and I also love good TV – The West Wing and Sex and the City are my stand-out favourite shows.

How I Can Help Other Members

By developing your overall business strategy | your marketing strategy | your social Media strategy

Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

  1. Because the information and resources the HerBusiness provides engages my mind and encourages me in my business adventure.
  2. Because the women I meet through HerBusiness are always quality, savvy women