My Connection Statement

I teach entrepreneurs, professionals and change makers who struggle with effectively articulating themselves to small groups and large audiences how to speak with confidence and present with impact through my online program, Impactful Presenters.

About Me - My Biography

I teach entrepreneurs, professionals and change makers, who struggle with articulating themselves effectively in front of small groups and large audiences, how to speak with confidence and present with impact. I do this entirely online, through my program, Impactful Presenters. So if you have access to the internet and speak English, I can help you calm your speaking nerves, articulate your key messages and effectively move your audiences (large and small) from where they are now, to where you want them to be.

I have been speaking, presenting, MC-ing and moderating panels for 20+ years and I am convinced that my ability to speak with confidence and present with impact is THE most valuable skill in my professional toolkit, even though I’m not a professional speaker. In fact, in my day-job, I’m a bureaucrat, working in economic development in local government. The speaking and presentation skills I teach in Impactful Presenters are skills I use daily to;

  • drive the change I want to see in the world, and in my community;
  • inspire and motivate groups of stakeholders;
  • drive effective and meaningful meetings;
  • facilitate substantive paradigm shifts in groups of people; and
  • deliver impact towards my personal and professional goals

I know for sure that speaking is a skill, not a talent, which means ANYONE can learn how to speak confident and present impactfully. Yes, anyone. Even you ;)

My Expertise

I have been speaking, presenting, MC-ing and moderating panels for 20+ years. I was the panel chair for Networx’s monthly meetings for marketers for 5 years; when I ‘retired’ from that engagement they replaced me with 3 others to share the load :O

I am one of Brisbane’s favourite MC’s and panel chairs with people often commenting on how easy, conversational and casual my stage presence is, yet how powerful it is at the same time. After being asked countless times to share my tips for calming public speaking nerves I created Impactful Presenters; which distills 20+ years of my speaking training and experience into a 12-month online program.


My Passions

I get excited about many things; the consistent theme though is I am deeply, deeply passionate about creating and holding spaces to empower people in their lives. I have done this throughout my career; from programs for long-term-unemployed youth, life and business coaching practices, working with small business owners in my own marketing agency to now, in my day job, in economic and community development for local government and my business.

My Interests

My interests are

  • business, especially small business
  • business as a catalyst for personal and community development
  • politics
  • design thinking
  • speaking, presenting and facilitating audiences
  • marketing and communications
  • mental health and well being

How I Can Help Other Members

I can help other members:

  • develop your speaking confidence
  • fine-tune and improve your presentation effectiveness
  • navigate and understand local government (especially in QLD)
  • find the resources and people they need in Brisbane and Ipswich, QLD

Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

I became a HerBusiness Member (again) because I love the work that Suzi and PJ do; I love the community of women that is HerBusiness; I’m consistently inspired by what others are doing and because I can realise my life’s purpose faster and with more joy with you than I could on my own.