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Rewards for Business

The way that we interact with customers has changed. The environment for businesses has transformed over recent years. Client expectations are higher and the level of transparency and involvement that many customers expect has been ‘turned on its head.’... read more

Sales Made Simple

Whether you sell a product or service, offline or online, the key to any business success is the sale. Unfortunately, for many women, sales phobia and a lack of sales skills keeps us from meeting our targets and budget... read more

Sales Success

You probably believe you have a great product or service to offer customers otherwise you wouldn’t be in business.  But… How do you sell what you do? How do you overcome objections? What questions do you ask to understand... read more

Smart Networking

How to win more business, leverage your time, and make more money through relationships… even if you hate to network. Networking is one of the fastest, most cost effective ways to get more clients and grow your business. But... read more