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How to get clarity and focus using the Strategic Planning Framework to set your Vision and 12 Month Goals for 2022.

About the Planning Growth Zone

The ability to create a plan and then work to it is one of the most fundamental secrets to the success of any project or venture.

It doesn’t mean everything always goes to plan ☺, but I’ve always found HAVING a plan got me a lot closer to the outcome I wanted than NOT having a plan.

Having a business plan also helps you confirm your business model is viable. That is, that your business is structured in a way that will make it profitable.

Planning gives you a clear handle on your financial goals, too. Of course, it doesn’t just take into account finances, your planning really needs to embrace all of the growth zones.

I tend to develop a plan for each year, looking at all the growth zones and then I get really focused on the specific projects I need to work on in that quarter.

And it doesn’t have to be complicated. I have a way of creating a “plan on a page” which is easy to do and maintain, which I’ll share with you.


Your Business Success Plan
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  • HerBusiness Roundtable - November 2021
  • Speakers: Suzi Dafnis
  • Venue: Online

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