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Productivity (June 2019)

In this Roundtable you will learn about… Productivity What it is What it isn’t And how do we start to produce more of the right results that will help us create our ideal business? Handouts Productivity Plan Checklist Marketing... read more

Profit First

What if, rather than you serving your business, your business served you? What if you could turn a profit from your very next deposit? And what if you had the power to guarantee that profitability? In his latest book... read more

Project Management

In today’s ultra-competitive world of business, those in charge want results on time and on budget – and they’re turning to project managers to deliver. Skilled project managers are in high demand and as a result, the profession is... read more

Reflect Your Success!

How can building your personal brand help you achieve your goals? A strong personal branding strategy allows you to network more easily and to connect with more people (and have them connect with you). Strong brands evoke impressions, feelings... read more

Resumes That Get Results

New research shows that recruiters take on average less than six seconds to decide whether to retain or cull job applications.The firm that undertook the research used technology that scanned the recruiters eye movements, so they could see what... read more

Rewards for Business

The way that we interact with customers has changed. The environment for businesses has transformed over recent years. Client expectations are higher and the level of transparency and involvement that many customers expect has been ‘turned on its head.’... read more

Sales Made Simple

Whether you sell a product or service, offline or online, the key to any business success is the sale. Unfortunately, for many women, sales phobia and a lack of sales skills keeps us from meeting our targets and budget... read more

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