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— Yelda Adal-Hall, Sense of Style

Extraordinary Leadership

“Leadership is all about inspiring and empowering others under a shared vision to deliver beyond the ordinary, to create something special, and to ultimately result in making this world a better place. Inspire and galvanise your team to deliver... read more

Facebook Pages

Harness the power of Facebook to drive your business. You know it’s time you used Facebook to reach customers, and you’ve heard of Facebook Pages. In fact, it’s easy to set up, right? But then what? Having your personal... read more

Facebook Power Strategies

Right now, Facebook is probably the number one social network that you could be using to market yourself. Perhaps you already have a Facebook page, but it’s not driving bottom-line results. Let your customers and prospects know you exist... read more

From Struggle to Success

How I Went From Lost & Lacking Confidence to Growing Multiple BIG Businesses, Creating a Network of Over 30,000 Women and Becoming Financially Free in my Thirties. Featuring a Sneak Peek of the REACH™ Process. When I started my... read more

Get a Grip

How to maximise your time, energy, money and people when there’s never enough of any of them.Too much to do and never enough time? We explore simple-to-implement and practical strategies to help you ‘get a grip’ and manage your... read more