Network with Like-Minded Business Owners

At our Monthly Roundtables, you meet other members, brainstorm, generate leads and sales, and create collaborations without ever feeling salesy.

Here you get to tap into experience and mentorship that you won’t find anywhere else.

Imagine having your very own sounding board and support network you could meet with monthly to help you solve your biggest business challenges and give you the inspiration you need to take the next big leap in your business.

Roundtables help you set your focus and stay accountable.

They are the perfect monthly ‘dose’ of networking, allowing you and your business to get known.

In addition, every Roundtable includes a mini-seminar – focusing on an aspect of the HerBusiness Growth Zones® – designed to close those knowledge gaps that can sometimes stop us from moving forward.

What Members Say


How Roundtables work

HerBusiness Network Roundtables are facilitated sessions that give you an opportunity to address and discuss business issues and to focus the direction of your business development. Roundtables bring to light key issues to be brainstormed and are forums for collaboration and shared experiences in a group mentoring environment.

Event Details

  • HerBusiness Network Roundtable - October 2022
  • Date: 6th October, 2022
  • Time: 10.15 am for 10.30 am -12.30pm AEDT (Sydney Time)
  • Speakers: Suzi Dafnis
  • Venue: Online

About the Guest

HerBusiness (formerly Australian Businesswomen’s Network) is a membership community that provides education, training, resources, mentoring and support for women business owners.