People Power Course

Should you hire, outsource or contract your next team member?

Business is a team sport, even if you’re a solopreneur (and plan to stay one). We believe that when you surround yourself with the right people, you fast-track your path to business success. If you’re ready to create a high performance team then this course will set you on your way to creating the ultimate team for your business. To grow your business you’ll want to outsource, perhaps get a virtual assistant, appoint a contractor for a particular project, or dive in and bring on full time staff. And, while the definition of the human resources function will vary from business to business, creating a winning team to surround yourself with is key if you want to grow your business.

The People Power course, presented by recruitment expert Kristy-Lee Johnston of Footprint Recruitment, is a two-part online course for owners and managers of small and micro businesses who are looking to resource their businesses with the best people.

Course Overview

During this two-part online course, you will learn:

  • How to determine what staffing needs you have and whether to use virtual assistants, independent contractors or hire employees to fill these needs
  • How to find and hire freelancers for one-off jobs, using sites like and
  • How to manage remotely to ensure the high performance of your virtual team
  • How to ensure the high performance of your team
  • Ways to deal with performance issues, and team management
  • How to create a high performance team (even if you have no employees)
  • The best jobs to outsource or leverage yourself from
  • Effective ways to induct new team members so that they’re up to speed quickly
  • Why you may not be retaining good people and what to do about it
  • Setting performance standards – a key to getting results from your team
  • The six factors that will keep your team motivated and enrolled in your vision
  • An interview checklist that avoids hiring blunders
  • How to hire your very first employee
  • Get the right people working for you. Ways to ensure they are a good fit.
  • Demystify the recruitment process and get it done without fuss
  • Easy tips for writing effective role descriptions
  • How not to fall into common hiring traps
  • The most crucial considerations when appointing new team members

Who and what you need to create your winning team will be largely determined by your business plan and overall vision or the goals you set for your business. The People Power course looks at a set of interrelated strategies, policies and procedures designed to save small and micro business owners time and money across the employment, development and reward of virtual staff, contractors and employees.

Who this home-study program is ideal for:

  • Business owners looking to get out of the day to day grind
  • Solopreneurs who need help getting things done
  • Startups looking to design an ideal team
  • Team managers looking for ways to improve team performance

The course is equally relevant to one-woman bands and small teams. You’ll learn how to surround yourself with a team that leverages you from the day to day and allows you to be your best as a business owner. You’ll get the best out of others as well as freeing yourself up to be truly entrepreneurial. Your course fee includes numerous handouts and resources to help you implement lessons taught in the course.

Comments from past participants:

“Very interesting topic and great information.” “Great course! Thank you.”


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About the Guest

Kristy-Lee is the Founder and Director of The Footprint Group, a boutique HR Consultancy business based on the NSW Central Coast, and servicing businesses across Australia. Kristy-Lee is an experienced HR practioner who specialises in working with small to medium sized businesses with all aspects of their people attraction, retention...