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Creative business promotions on foursquare



In The Power of foursquare webinar, best-selling author and business communications expert Carmine Gallo demonstrates the ability to create creative promotions through locational social media app foursquare. ——————–   When fashion designer Jimmy Choo created a competition called “catch... read more

Growth of content marketing

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James Tuckerman, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Anthill Online, foresaw the trending growth in the adoption of content marketing. Content marketing has become one of the cheapest, most cost-effective ways of raising awareness of who you are and what you... read more

Practical uses for QR codes

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I’m a fan of QR codes or “real-world hyperlinks” as a business marketing tool. QR codes are 2-dimensional bar codes that represent data such as a website URL, a phone number, or other content. Using a QR code reader... read more

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