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We empower leaders to deliver hybrid and online events that ignite their brand and motivate action, whilst reaching a larger audience and gaining greater ROI.

Events in the covid era?

We’re revolutionising the events industry with e:volve – the innovative service that’s radically changing the way events are delivered hybrid and online, from anywhere in the world.

“There is nothing like e:volve in the market today, it’s such a better way of designing events for delivery via hybrid or online channels.”“There are no awards that come close to offering what e:volve delivers in the online events category – it’s unique.”In my 25 years in the events industry, nothing comes close to the turmoil created by COVID. Like most, we had to re-invent our services to survive. We had to quickly find new ways to do old things. So we took a strategic decision to invest heavily in making e:volve a compelling new way to deliver events, conferences, award functions, training and more without compromise.The e:volve team is the only one in the industry that correctly approached the design and delivery of events through online channels. Thanks partly to our expertise in event design, video and television production, as well as streaming via satellite, we understand that people expect to see event content on screens, delivered in a similar way to a television show or movie. It is how the human brain works. Add in interaction and it’s a whole new way of looking at experience design.Delegates and guests do not want to look at talking heads in small boxes.

So, instead of jamming traditional events into conference call technology, we design each event as if it were a video production for the big screen – and clients, delegates and sponsors rave about the results. Check it out: https://synergyeffect.com.au/evolve-virtual-and-hybrid-events/Engagement levels are higher, delegate numbers are up, satisfaction levels are excellent and event managers are confident they can deliver an event that is talked about for all the right reasons. I never tire of the challenge to always create the very best for our clients. It’s the constant contrast between events and the variety of clients with whom we work that makes my job so rewarding. No two projects or situations are the same – and only years of experience will guarantee success. And now more than ever, we’re designing events in ways we’d never have considered possible just a few years ago, thanks to e:volve.

Learn more at www.synergyeffect.com.au or contact me directly for a candid discussion.