My Connection Statement

I help busy CEOs, managers and committees to get grant funding to achieve their big, and little, dreams. They benefit via my supportive membership program, grant writing courses and do-it-for-you services.

About Me - My Biography


My career spans a number of industries – from nursing to mining and lots in between – throughout remote, rural and regional Australia.  The diversity ignited a desire to help solve issues impacting the communities in which I lived. While having to adapt to changing work locations, I built my resources and took initiatives. Self-employment and stints with private industry, corporates, non-profit and government provided a valuable knowledge-base, which I supplemented with a Marketing degree and other tertiary qualifications.


Since establishing my business writing company on my own, I’ve worked extremely hard to create and hone Indigo Gold as a niche micro-business with state-wide reach and steady customer growth.  Each job is special, whether it’s gaining $10,000 for a community group through to $10 million-plus for projects which create regional impacts.  I’m passionate about two things: writing documents which influence the growth, resilience and success of communities, and helping others to realise their vision.  This passion and my work is featured in my Capability Statement and throughout my website.

Most of my work covers grant applications and all the associated documents: business cases, feasibility studies, project plans, cost-benefit analyses and strategic plans.


I’ve been extremely successful.  In the last four years I’ve written gained more than $46 million of grant funds for my clients. This has covered a range of industries including tourism, manufacturing, general business, aged care, and not-for-profits.  Over the last six years I’ve run many grant writing workshops, and have provided a free monthly grant list so organisations can source funding opportunities.


I’m really excited to grow and expand my products and services so I’ve recently commenced the Grant Writing Academy. People can learn how to write successful grant applications via my Facebook Groups – there’s a free group and a paid membership.




My Expertise

I’ve been very successful over the past six years to help organisations and businesses get grant funding – from $10,000 to $10 million.

Creating high quality business documents which contain the relevant information and message for the end-reader.

Being able to:

  • quickly recognise connections and collaborations for improved results
  • understand various points of view and use diplomacy to help others to consider the options
  • coordinate teams to complete business writing tasks in short time frames

Knowledge of the not-for-profit sector, SMEs and government processes.

My Passions

Working with others and being a role model to show by example rather than getting bogged down dealing with others’ views.

Holistic and creative approach to help regional,  rural and remote communities and businesses to thrive.

Keeping the written word to a high standard.

Staying calm in stressful situations.

Enjoying what I do!



My Interests


Reading – I usually have at least 5 business books and a couple of novels at any one time

Listening to podcasts when driving

Enjoying whipping up a meal with my partner and having friends over for a casual meal or BBQ.

Antique storage boxes and quaint chests of drawers.

How I Can Help Other Members

I’m happy to share my thoughts, views and insights on:

  • the best way to get grant money
  • how to develop business documents
  • strategic planning
  • how to navigate government processes.

I’d love to brainstorm with others and collaborate on opportunities – working together is a great way to progress.

Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

The group looked like an inviting and warm place to:

  • connect with others
  • reduce the loneliness of being a regional, female sole-business owner.

I’m also looking forward to learning from others, as well as sharing my own experiences.

I find it really exciting to now be at a stage to grow and scale my business, and then help others to do the same.

My Member to Member Offer(s)

A 10% discount on all services.

Free 30-minute grant readiness consultation.

I’m always happy to meet up with others when I visit Brisbane, Sydney, or other towns and cities.  If you think we could collaborate and share experiences, get in touch.