My Connection Statement

I help Years 1 -10 students who are struggling with maths and English, by designing and delivering personalised programs that improve their confidence and success at school.

About Me - My Biography

I am a qualified teacher that is passionate about making a difference in the educational outcomes of students. Like many of my colleagues, I became frustrated that I was not making the impact on students lives which had driven me to become a teacher. Daily I saw too many students slipping through the cracks and this was completely unacceptable to me. So began my journey…..

I know lead a team of dedicated teacher to make a positive difference in the educational outcomes of students through:

1. Building Confidence.

2. Building Relationships

3. Building Programs tailored to the student’s needs.

4. Believing that EVERY child can learn if they are given the RIGHT program.

It is an absolute privilege to work with these students and to see them thrive.

My Expertise

As an experienced primary school teacher, I could see the struggle of so many students with picking up the basics of math and English. I could see the daily struggle of parents not understanding the changes in the curriculum and the best way to help their child. So after being an educator for 11 years, I opened my first Kip McGrath Franchise.

This allowed me to combine my expertise as an educator with a systemized program that had been in operation for close to 40 years. I have been involved with Kip McGrath for 8 years now and have helped more than 2000 students breakdown the barriers in their understanding of math and English. This is such a relief for their parents.

My Passions

Every child CAN learn, they just need to be given the right tools and guidance to do so. No-one learns at the same rate so it is about working to the needs of the child. If they don’t understand it isn’t their fault – you simply need to find a different way to explain it! I am so passionate about all students being able to work confidently at school and this drives me to deliver lessons to eradicate illiteracy and innumeracy in Australia.

My Interests

I love travelling especially cruising – it gives me ample opportunity to relax, catch up on reading and spend quality time with my partner and my kids (when they join us). I love spending quality time with my family and we love watching movies, heading to the V8 Supercars or watching our beloved GWS Giants AFL team.

How I Can Help Other Members

I bring to the table the capacity to juggle multiple hats. I am a mum and have been juggling that and a very business successfully. So I can provide support and be a sounding board for others who are juggling these two very important roles :)

Obviously, I can also help any of their children that may be struggling with English or math no matter where they are in the country.

Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

Even though I am part of a franchise, I found that not many of the other business owners had the drive that I have. I wanted to surround myself with others who are driven and want to achieve their ideal business with no guilt. The resources that are available are incredible and exactly what I needed, as well as I loved the message that was being delivered by Suzi so I felt that HerBusiness was a fit for me.