About Me - My Biography

In October 2004, Cheryl launched Hayman Strategy in order to maximise her 21 year career working for major multi-national corporations, in Senior Marketing positions, both here and abroad.

Additionally, mentoring is a passionate commitment from Cheryl and she works with many people, particularly women, across all ages and stages of their careers to help them form their best journeys.

These days Cheryl is a Professional Non-executive Director on a number of boards, spanning ASX, public unlisted, not for profit. Cheryl also served for 10years on the HerBusiness Board previously.

Cheryl loves to work with companies that want to achieve digital transformation at scale, growth through diversification, innovation and have a customer centric strategic focus. She is also fully committed to the ethics of business and the need for a corporate lens on the social and environmental impacts as well as ensuring companies have heart through their drive for inclusion and people-centricity.

Cheryl has proven expertise in the ability to add value through strategic growth focus as well as managing challenges and change of geographic expansion, product development, digital strategy and business development.

Throughout her corporate career Cheryl held several senior leadership roles for many organisations. Cheryl was Marketing Director for the Baking Division of George Weston Foods (Australia/New Zealand).

Cheryl also spent six years with Yum Restaurants International as Marketing Director, in senior roles at KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell across Australia and New Zealand.

Cheryl is a mentor on the HerBusiness Mentoring Program. There are a significant number of areas where Cheryl has great expertise and these include advertising, management, marketing, mentoring and coaching, leadership, branding and social media.

Through Cheryl’s expertise, she provides a broad range of business and marketing solutions, and is a fantastic mentor for HerBusiness.


My Expertise

Brand Development, Social Media Strategy, Creative Evaluation, Consumer Insights, New Product Development, People Development and Training, Mentoring. Specialties: – Strong and passionate advocate and opinionist on social media and associated branding options – Actively contribute and add value to corporations committed to innovative and profitable growth. – Bring skills, experience and qualifications in strategic marketing to organisations with a desire to broaden the skills base of the directors. – Provide an injection of energy, interest, passion and commitment to drive the implementation of an organisation’s business plans.

My Passions

Life and love, being the best we can, helping other women to be confident and successful, my family and friends, health and wellness, travel, travel, travel

My Interests

Family, Reading, Film, Theatre, Travel, Holidaying, Food and Wine – great restaurants

How I Can Help Other Members

Provide branding, customer and competitive insights to forge a compelling path for your business. Mentoring at a senior level to maximise your choices within the marketing function and your supplier relationships. Training and workshop facilitation to assist the positioning of your brand at any stage throughout its life. Guiding the strategy for successful social media marketing.

Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

“I passionately believe that women entrepreneurs have so much to contribute and so much personal potential and the ABN provides fantastic training, education and networking which facilitates all aspects of my growth.”