My Connection Statement

I help people write copy that makes them money. Whether it’s aspiring and working copywriters or business owners who write their own copy I have courses, coaching and mentoring that helps develop copywriting skills and confidence.

About Me - My Biography

I left the corporate world to become a freelancer copywriter in 2010. I had never considered working for myself but now I can’t imagine anything different.

My career shifted from IT to Marketing and then to copywriting. I love the construction of effective copy and after many years as a freelancer, working with clients to push their marketing into the spotlight, I began teaching others how to write profitable copy.

Via content, courses and coaching I give people the skills, the confidence and the support they need to write copy that charms, connects and converts.

You get better results with the right words. It’s that simple.

Visit to improve the way you write.

My Expertise

Copywriting and marketing really are my thing. I LOVE digging into the psychology of why people buy and how I can influence different outcomes with different choices of words.

After working as a marketer, I realised that copywriting was something I could do as a career. Not only a career but I could leave my corporate job and work for myself. Just imagine! It has opened up doors to so many new experiences and pushed myself much further than I could have imagined.

After being a successful freelancer for many years, I now teach others how to write copy that charms, compels and converts.

I teach aspiring and working copywriters how to build a successful business around their craft with support from strong processes and systems that deliver an exceptional customer experience.

I show business owners that writing their own copy isn’t as hard as they might think.

My Passions

When someone experiences an AHA moment or just feels more confident approaching the task of copywriter, I get all the feels.

That’s my passion.

My life passions are my two kids and my pug, Fenris. And husband. That’s not the order of preference by the way.

My Interests

Reading, Dr Who, good music, Dr Who, interesting food, time with family and friends, Dr Who, great wine, yoga, my pug dog, Fenris.

How I Can Help Other Members

Whether you write your own business copy or you have in-house copywriters, I have free and paid copywriting courses and downloads that can help you brush up your skills. You might learn the tip that takes your copy from average to excellent!

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Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

I continue to get fantastic value from my membership. I love the educational content available – a webinar or download always seems to crop up when I need it most. I also find the network, from Suzi out, to be supportive and generous. I love associating with and learning from successful women!

My Member to Member Offer(s)

A copywriting course for business owners on its way! I’ll be offering lesson 1 to HerBusiness members, for free!

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