Connection Allstars MasterClass with Rachel Miller

Rachel Miller of Moolah Marketer employs her marketing skills to help entrepreneurs grow huge audiences on Facebook and create posts that go VIRAL. 

Rachel has generated over 29 posts that got more that a MILLION views. However, she emphasises that it’s NOT about the numbers, it’s about gaining the audience that’s best for your business.

“Create your Audience, Love your Audience, and Serve your Audience.”

In this Connection Allstars MasterClass, Rachel explains her science behind building connections.

She shares her Facebook strategy for growing your audience, expanding your reach, and connecting your community.

“Relationships are the best advertisement,” she says.

Watch to this Connection Allstars MasterClass interview with Rachel Miller to discover: 

  • 2 Ways to Create an Audience
  • How to Get People to Click on your Content
  • Why Your Audience May Not Be Listening
  • 3 Steps to Finding Your Message
  • What “Viral” Means for Your Business

“Your job is to build connections between everyone in your community.”

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The Connection Allstars Masterclass Series

The Connection Allstars MasterClass Series is a three-part series featuring women who are awesome marketers, and who have grown large followings from clients and prospects who love them.

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  • Connection AllStars MasterClass – Rachel Miller

About the Guest

Rachel Miller of Moolah Marketer is a Lifetime Learner, giver of hugs and kisses, mother to 6 children, and online entrepreneur.   She has built several multiple 6-figure businesses, authored multiple books, one of which sold more than 100,000 copies.   She now helps other business grow engagement for their...