Connection Allstars MasterClass with Jamie Swanson

Jamie Swanson, founder of the Modern Tog, is a former wedding photographer and now a personal brand photographer. As an expert in the photography business, she offers her skills and knowledge to grow a successful photography business through her online courses and Facebook groups.

With a highly-profitable business brand, Jamie was once weary to establish her personal brand. However, she took the risk and began evolving her now strong and successful personal brand. Through her Personal Brand Journey podcast, Jamie shares her social media strategies, business advice and tips for understanding your audience to grow your own personal brand.

In this Connection Allstars MasterClass, Jamie shares her advice for building connections to grow your personal brand. She emphasises the importance of creating connections and dives into detail about how to find commonalities when connecting.

Listen to this Connection Allstars MasterClass Interview with Jamie Swanson to learn:

  • The key to sharing STORIES, not facts
  • How to find UNCOMMON commonalities
  • Your THEMES for building connections
  • How to modify the story you tell, for the platform you use
  • Purpose of Personal Branding

“In media, when it comes to connecting – the platform is NOT the first thing we should be worried about.”

While Jamie uses various platforms to spread her message, she says her favourite is podcasts. Not only are they an intimate way to connect and appropriate to listen to almost anywhere, but they open up the opportunity for future conversation and a call to action.

Mentioned in this Episode:

“Building a Story Brand” by Donald Miller
“Expert Secrets” by Russel Brunson

The Connection Allstars Masterclass Series

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