My Connection Statement

I work with people who would like to make better use of their living space by introducing them to innovative furniture. This is supported by an extensive website along with showroom visits by appointment in Melbourne and Hobart, and virtual showroom visits and phone consultations with clients across Australia.

About Me - My Biography

A lifelong interest in interior design, renovation and problem solving saw me leave my public service job 5 years ago in my mid 50’s to start Fold Out Furniture.

It has been a rapid period of personal growth – and I continue loving the challenge of learning not only the business, but also the additional roles that have come with it – accounting, web design, social media, etc.

I feel very fortunate that my 30 years in the public and private sector as an Occupational Therapist and in Public Health and management roles have provided me with a broad base of experience in management and understanding of the impacts of housing and urban design on the health and wellbeing of our population and our communities which continue to interest me strongly.

So why Fold Out Furniture?  It was as simple wanting to buy a wall bed with a desk for myself – and after visiting the 6 shops in Hobart with none knowing anything about them … it was the comment that they all made that got me thinking ‘but lots of people are asking about these…..’. After more research I purchased and installed a few beds  in a friends joinery warehouse  as my first ‘showroom’ – and this saw the birth of Fold Out Furniture.

It also seemed very timely ! Recognising the changes in our world’s resources and the increasing  pressure on the affordability of housing, we are seeing many people choosing to think differently about their homes. People are now downsizing; living in apartments and we are seeing increased interest in movements like Tiny Houses and Clutter Free living as people seek to simplify their lives and decrease financial stress.

I am excited about the opportunity to support people through Fold Out Furniture to live more simply and more consciously by introducing them to furniture and fixtures that are as flexible as they wish their lifestyle to be.

Fold Out Furniture specialises in quality European and Australian products, that range from DIY mechanisms and flatpacks to fully imported modular Italian Wallbeds and tables. We partner with local businesses where ever possible to support local growth and innovation.

I am ever thankful to live in the age of cloud based technology, which allows me to run my business from wherever I am (with the essential support of  wonderful sales consultants in Hobart and Melbourne).

I have sought to develop a business that allows me flexibility in my lifestyle as well, as I live just south of Barcelona for about 6 months each year in my husbands village. This provides a wonderful opportunity to  be with my extended family, as well as immerse myself in the beautiful Catalan culture and community. It also provides a perfect base to visit my european suppliers and look out for new products.


My Expertise

A good solution is one that fixes the actual problem.

I believe that my role is to work with you to identify what you see as your space problem, and help clarify what you would like to change to achieve your ideal outcome.

Based on this problem solving approach we can explore how Fold Out Furniture  may assist you in this.

We see ourselves as space consultants, rather than sales consultants.

My Passions

I love beautiful and clever design and quality products, and love to see this integrated and used in everyday life.

I am also passionate about the way our communities are evolving, and how we can support people to live in homes that support their lifestyles without huge financial burdens.

I love to work with people during major life stage transitions like downsizing; purchasing first homes and designing tiny homes and exploring container living  – and helping them explore how they can maximise their space to support their hobbies, home based work and lifestyles.

My Interests

Central to my life is my beautiful family – although they are spread across 2 very different parts of the world! Here in Australia and in Catalonia.

I love travel and the culture, history and cuisine associated with this; long distance walking (always happy to talk about the Camino de Santaigo!); and books and movies about all these as well!

I am also a hopeless devotee of house renovation programs and design, and can spend hours exploring houses, castles etc.

How I Can Help Other Members

I look forward to assisting other members in any way that my areas of expertise and interests can be of use, as well as through referrals to other like minded people or where potential for collaboration may exist .

I am very open to discussing potential connections through my life here in Tas, or when I am in Catalonia  (near Barcelona).

Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

As a small business owner I feel the need to be linked in with other like minded people to have the opportunity to discuss and learn about the myriad aspects of running a business.

It’s also about support and motivation, there are so many aspects of the business i feel I can discuss with family and friends and the gorgeous people who work with me.

I really value the professional contact, and also the chance for the virtual pick me up on those days when you can sometimes feel pretty much you are out there all on you own.

My Member to Member Offer(s)

I am very happy to work with other members on potential collaborations and to look at ways to cross promote each other.

I am also very happy to discuss a special member discount for women in HerBusiness on our products.