About Me - My Biography

I ensure my client’s digital marketing strategy is holistic and brings them results, both sales and profit. This includes a strategy that is woven across Google AdWords, SEO, Social Media and partner channels. Having worked with marketing data and in the media for many years I understand and am obsessed with how to leverage this analysis to make it work for my clients too.

I have been working in digital marketing in Sydney for five years and I have ventured out with my own digital marketing agency in November 2015. In a short space of time I am now working with some fantastic clients in the professional services industry and we are doing some great work together with content creation, distribution and lead generation. Its been great fun.

In terms of my approach, I always ensure the digital marketing strategies I recommend are in alignment with my client’s business and marketing objectives. My approach is very much hands on (I do all of the work for now) and a partnership style that sees our campaigns grow and diversify in incremental steps over a period of time.

I am also very passionate about helping businesses to grow.  I only want the best for my customers. I find it very rewarding to know my clients are happy, receiving great customer service, best practice recommended solutions and most importantly benefiting from an excellent ROI with the digital marketing services.

Click here to learn more about what I do and my digital marketing agency http://digitalmarketingspecialists.com.au

Or contact me directly at: soniam@digitalmarketingspecialists.com.au

My Expertise

I think I’m both creative and analytical when it comes to digital marketing. Digital marketing is as much a science as it is an art and coming up with creative digital marketing strategies that resonate with my client’s target market while building relevant traffic and generating leads for them is something I find I’m really good at.

My Passions

I love learning about new and creative ways to pursue a digital marketing campaign for my clients. I’m also obsessed with marketing data and how to leverage this to make better and more informed marketing decisions particularly with how to better target and engage with relevant audiences.

I’m very passionate about living an organic lifestyle and sustainable living. I’ve created my own high quality organic skin care line called AMICA Organics, (www.amicaorganics.com) because I wanted to create a superior product in the marketplace for myself and others.


My Interests

Other interests and pursuits include learning to play the piano, yoga, running and sprinting.

How I Can Help Other Members

While I may not be able to work with every client, particularly as I build my business and processes, I think I can help other members understand what is working with my digital marketing campaigns and help them understand how to calculate the time, cost and ROI.

Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

Initially I joined to be apart of a business community with like minded women. I worked for years closely with men in digital marketing so this is a nice change to surround myself with other like minded female entrepreneurs. I knew from years ago when I was a member of the ABN that the content and resources available were both high quality and generous. Value for money, this is an affordable option for me to get started before going to the next stage which is a 1:1 mentor.

My Member to Member Offer(s)

I’m happy to offer a FREE one hour consultation which will include an overview of your digital marketing performance, a frank discussion about budget, sales/lead generation expectations and ideas on what to focus on when it comes to the vast world of digital marketing.