My Connection Statement

I help women over 55 who would like to preserve precious elements of a young family member’s childhood, to capture memories with painted portraits of children.

About Me - My Biography

I was born in Waikerie South Australia on the River Murray and have lived in Darwin, Clare SA, Sydney and Brisbane and am now living in Adelaide. As a 17 year-old I was lucky enough to spend a year in Virginia USA as a high school student with the AFS Program.


  • Bachelor of Occupational Therapy, University of Queensland
  • Diploma in Teaching (Art), South Australian School of Art & Western Teachers College
  • Art Business Success Course, online with Roos Schuuring 2015
  • KISS to Sell course, online with Frances Pratt 2018


  • Short stints of art teaching, most recently in my studio
  • Occupational therapy in an Aged Care setting – 10 years
  • Secretarial work in public hospitals (Orthopaedics and Psychiatry) – 10 years

Art Practice

I have continued drawing, painting and exhibiting while in paid employment.

  • Weekly life drawing and painting sessions with artist colleagues during the 1980s
  • Working part-time as an artist since 2009
  • Group shows in Adelaide and regional SA as well as in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane
  • Two major solo shows of seascapes and landscapes, studio and outdoor paintings
  • People-painting in cafes since late 2017
  • Exhibition in Cafe L’Incontro, Gay’s Arcade, Adelaide during the Fringe Festival in 2018
  • Painting children’s portraits for family and friends since 2012

Business History

  • Exhibiting and selling well since 1981 but without profit
  • November 2018: new business direction in children’s portraiture

My Expertise


  • Studio painting, outdoor painting and drawing
  • Skilled in looking at the work of beginner artists to spot compositional problems
  • Planning exhibitions and art events


  • Skilled in proof-reading and editing
  • Written expression
  • Knowledge and spelling of medical terminology

Website/IT skills

  • Website maintenance in WordPress (not coding)
  • Writing and formatting – blogs, emails


My Passions


Painting and drawing have been long-time loves for me, almost like companions in my life. Art has given me solace during difficult times like divorce and family separation. It has also provided joy and learning during times of ease and creative flow. A very real impact on my life in a solo sense. But art offers more than that. I believe it can be a positive boost to our loving connectedness, especially when it resonates with our shared personal experiences. Over time my paintings of people have drawn huge engagement. People are curious about people in paintings! And even more curious about people they know. My business will build on that, through painted portraits of children, connecting families and building legacies.

Family and friends

I believe that life’s greatest gifts are those moments of connection with other people. Family and friends are at the front line of this connection for me. Similarly, shared understandings and experiences which transcend cultural barriers can be fleeting but precious. Overseas travel continues to refresh my awareness of our shared humanity and I welcome those opportunities as they arise at home too, often with complete strangers in everyday settings.

Women and girls

As a member of Soroptomist International I am passionate about helping women and girls locally and internationally lead better lives. I have been so fortunate in my life not to suffer serious poverty or deprivation, disruption or violence and it feels time to contribute positively to society by volunteering through the group of women in SI.

My Interests


  • Outdoor painting on the beach, in parks or in suburban areas
  • Cafe painting
  • Visiting galleries


  • Sudoku
  • Cryptic crosswords with an L-Plate

Sport and Leisure

  • Social tennis
  • Swimming
  • Cooking for special occasions
  • Reading (when I am gripped early on)
  • Travel, especially with my painting kit

How I Can Help Other Members

  • Proof-reading written passages on- or off-line. My eagle eye often spots typos in other people’s work. I need fresh eyes to see mine of course!
  • Possibly advice about art in some form; knowledge of colour or composition.
  • I am sure more opportunities will become clear as I settle in!

Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

For many years I have been enjoying free webinars run by the HerBusiness Network. The energy and enthusiasm of presenters has been contagious. The business topics discussed have been pertinent and helpful.

The most recent series on Getting More Clients revealed why my business was at a standstill despite my continuing “busy-ness”. The opportunity to become a member was too good to pass up and I felt that I didn’t have to be perfect to join.

I was attracted by the breadth and depth of the resources offered within the network and the fact that it is run primarily by women, for women.

The potential for referrals was enticing and although my existing networks are not large or diverse, I feel there will be ways for me to contribute as well.

My Member to Member Offer(s)

I have no particular Member to Member Offer at the moment, but feel this might be of a proof-reading nature as I become known and trusted.