My Connection Statement

I enable business and career women and men to empower themselves to take control of planning and navigating a successful path to their chosen future. Through my Elevate My Career Program I facilitate the journey of clarity, direction, purposeful and strategic decision-making, planning and action taking, right through to supporting clients to achieve their objectives.


About Me - My Biography

Hi, I’m Nada Matijevic. I’m a Career Consultant and the founder of Elevate Me.

I work with business owners, professionals and executives who want to overcome their career and workplace challenges and more importantly, who want to empower themselves to be true to their best selves and to take control of creating a more thriving career and life.

2015 was a pivotal point in my life, when a desire to be true to myself, my values and purpose led me to make my most significant career change and to creating my Elevate Me career consulting business. It meant leaving a well-established and successful career in the professional services and corporate world and going solo, so as not to have to compromise what I truly valued.

My unique combination of naturally right-brained, creative, intuitive and innovative strengths and learned technical skills and experience, enable me to bring a unique and powerful coaching and mentoring experience through a well-structured, comprehensive and effective Elevate My Career Program.

I’m a member of the Career Development Association of Australia and am an active member of CPA Australia, with a Bachelor of Business Studies in Accounting and am MBTI Personality Type and Strong Interest Inventory certified. After more than 30 years working in professional services and corporate environments, I’ve gained some valuable insights into workplace challenges and diverse industries, workplaces and work cultures.  I’ve always been curious about what makes people tick and how they can tick better, individually and collectively.

I’m passionate about empowering others to discover who they really are and what they’re capable of so they can set a clear direction and make well-aligned, purpose-led decisions with conviction. But what really excites me is being a part of the bigger journey to thriving lives and careers, supporting them to strategically implement their plans and achieve their own personally meaningful successes.


My Expertise

Creating and facilitating personalised programs for achieving a more fulfilling version of success through career health, wellbeing and whole of life planning. Supporting women to self-actualise through personal and professional development and to take control of creating the life they want to live.

Helping women to develop more confidence in their abilities so they can see greater possibilities and achieve their peak performance.

Guiding the discovery of the key elements of your unique value and personal brand and the strategies to elevate yourself to your peak performance and stand out from the crowd.

  • Developing emerging and established women leaders
  • Unearthing what lights you up and what’s really important to you. Developing your sense of uniqueness, identifying your signature strengths, preferences, values and energizers.
  • Helping you better understand and manage your energy drainers, weaknesses, stress-triggers and potential pit-falls
  • Facilitating self-discovery to clarify the vision and direction for the future, for better career-alignment and strategic career planning. So you can spot opportunities and sell yourself into your ideal role
  • Providing a perspective of yourself and others others so you can manage perceptions and relationships more strategically
  • Providing insights to help you amplify your strengths and transferable skills and tap into unrealised potential

I do this through: 

  • Career Health Diagnostic and Discovery
  • The Elevate My Career Program
  • Monthly 1:1 coaching and mentoring
  • MBTI Type I & II Personality Type Profiling
  • Strong Interest Inventory assessment for career exploration, development, enrichment or transition
  • Character Strengths and Work Values Profiling to determine who you are at your best and what’s really important to you
  • Use of tried and tested models for creating better-aligned and more meaningful, values-driven goals and action plans to help you to take control of designing the life you really want.

My Passions

I’m passionate about debunking the myth that to succeed we must mold ourselves to fit in and give away our power to external forces to determine our future.

I believe that success starts within and that true success means being true to ourselves, our needs, values, interests and purpose.

My passion is to help others discover their unique genius, purpose and their own version of success in order to take control of charting the path for a life they will love and can thrive in.

I am at my happiest when I can help others by:

·       Connecting the dots to help them see perspective, possibility and hope for the future

·       Exploring and applying new ideas; applying creative, original, outside the box thinking to solve problems

·       Appreciating their uniqueness and drawing out the best in them

·       Acting as a sounding board, developing ideas and insights

·       Helping them to adapt to change and see and seize opportunities from challenges


My Interests

Connecting with family, friends and nature.

Exploring new countries and cultures.

Meeting and connecting with people whose values and interests resonate.

Collaborative groups and activities.

Learning and sharing new ideas.

Seeing things through a new lens and exploring new possibilities.



How I Can Help Other Members

If you’re unhappy with your work and lacking clarity, direction or conviction about your future please reach out. I’m happy to have a chat about your challenges.

Through collaborative projects that will be mutually beneficial where our work is aligned.





Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

I wanted to connect with a community of other business women and to have access to resources and training that were relevant to my business needs.

It is a very supportive environment for sharing successes and challenges and for getting advice and feedback.

The learning and reference resources are of a high quality and very comprehensive and responsive to member needs, helping to make the business owner journey easier.


My Member to Member Offer(s)

In these difficult times, you may be struggling to make a decision about your future. You might be missing clarity and direction or may be feeling stuck and unhappy, not knowing what to do next. That’s where I can help you to take control of managing the situation by seeing options.

You might have family or friends who are undergoing a career challenge or are at a career cross-roads and feeling stuck and uncertain about what to do.  They may be feeling left behind and frustrated about their lack of work opportunities or progression and want to do something about it.

Members can contact me to request a no obligation chat.

I have a free online Career Health Diagnostic which is a good starting point to identify where things are going well, and not so well. Members can then request a free discussion with me.

For more information contact: