My Connection Statement

Hi, I’m Coach Lisa McDonald, and I love working with women who have important goals they want to achieve.  One of my specialities is helping women in their 30s and 40s, who feel stuck on the ‘baby or no baby’ question, to choose the right path for themselves.  I help them to identify issues, map out a way forward, and take action, through my 1:1 online coaching programs.

About Me - My Biography

Lisa McDonald is a coach who is really passionate about helping people to walk their own path and achieve their big goals.  She is also the upcoming author on “The Whole Baby thing” book and podcast, which focuses on proving inspiration, encouragement and support to women who are struggling with deciding whether to have a baby or not.

She coaches people who have a new goal … or one they’ve struggled with before.  Either way, it’s something important that they truly want to achieve, and something which is pushing them out of their comfort zone.  Whether that’s around developing a business/career, personal development or deciding to have a baby or not.

Lisa has achieved a variety of things.  One of which was qualifying for an INBA International Body Building competition within 12 months of setting her goal. Another was finally becoming a mum at 47.

For over 16 years, Lisa has coached many people with new goals … or one they’ve struggled with before.  Originally under the brand Health Pursuit, but now under the brand CoachLisaMcDonald.  Her coaching has included assisting individuals in connecting with their passions, create an inspiring future, re-inventing, implementation, personal growth and achieving successful results.  Her services have helped numerous people to improve the quality of their personal and business life, including finances, relationships, health and rejuvenation.

She has also been a business mentor for the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme, a government schedule for start-up businesses, for a number of years.  She has guided them with action planning, prioritising, strategies and finding creative solutions to their challenges.

Lisa has a holistic and strategic outlook.  Apart from having mainstream education such as a Bachelor of Business, Lisa has trained in alternative modalities, such as NLP, massage,  Alpha Alignment and Reiki.  She has also undertaken various other courses in business, income generation, health and wellness and personal development.

Lisa coaches people one-on-one, giving them the personalised support they need to make decisions, get moving and get results.

My Expertise

For the past 16 years I have worked in the coaching and mentoring industry, assisting people to achieve a variety of business and personal goals.

My big passion is empowering people to achieve their goals and to live a fulfilling life.  I love being able to help them to gain the clarity to get unstuck, walk their own path and achieve important goals, dreams and aspirations.

My expertise lies in helping people to get clarify their direction, connect with what’s most important, gain knowledge, get unstuck and take action.  So they can walk their own path authentically, strategically and holistically.

I assist in getting to the core of issues, thinking outside the box and finding solutions.

I have an upcoming book which I’m currently I’m in the process of editing.  It explores the modern dilemma of women in their 30s and 40s deciding whether to have a baby or not.  This book is designed to open up the conversation around the ‘baby or no baby?’ topic, to encourage conscious decision making and to support women in making the choice that is right for them.

My Passions

I am passionate about supporting people to empower themselves, health and wellness, learning and transformation.

My Interests

I love health and wellbeing, personal development, yoga, cycling, outdoor activities, gardening and Travel.

Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

I became a member to help build my connection network for both personal and business reasons.  On a personal level, I’m keen to be part of a community of like-minded businesswomen who are interested in building real relationships, supporting one another, sharing their opinions and learning.  On a business level, I’m interested in building relationships as a way to get feedback, create referrals, build alliances and find team members when I need them.