About Me - My Biography

I am the founder and creator of Summit School, an online education school dedicated to digital strategy and marketing for hands-on small business owners, entrepreneurs and marketers.

I am also the chief digital strategist and co-founder of Big Blue Digital, a firm that helps businesses reach their full online potential and create a thriving digital ecosystem.

Together with my business partner and husband, we launch Out in the Big Blue podcast in March of 2016. On the show we talk about all sorts of things that resonate with small business owners – from online marketing, digital strategy, tech toys, social media, the internet of things and more. Click here to listen to the podcast.

My motto is to think BIGGER, speak BOLDER and perform BETTER.


My Expertise

My key areas of expertise are digital marketing, content marketing, social media strategy, web development and business analysis.

My Passions

I firmly believe that I can help clients achieve more from their online businesses without going insane. I blog and speak on the importance of good planning, staying focused on what is important, and letting go of the noise and busyness.

Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

I joined HerBusiness to learn from others. To share my knowledge and to participate in some great online programs. Women lifting women – what a great concept.