About Me - My Biography

Karina Pellicone, a true entrepreneur, always had this belief that working the traditional 9-5 hours, 5 days a week, 6 years ago was not a way forward and was not in her make-up. Having an entrepreneurial grandfather and father who created different types of businesses to make a dollar, she knew that there were endless opportunities out there just waiting to be discovered and created into a business. Having successfully completing her MBA and starting a business with her husband in 2010, she had learnt a lot about running a business and  she started out her company Plum Petal in 2014, selling a collection of glass floating lockets. Her business evolved over time into specialising in unique statement pieces of jewellery, including necklaces, ‘different’ earrings and bracelets.

My Connection Statement

‘At Plum Petal, we help curvy women, compliment their style, feel confident and beautiful when they wear unique statement jewellery, available through my online boutique store.’

Karina’s thoughts on running her own business:

I love running my own business because the more success I create, fuels my drive to success and work harder. Its hard hard work, but I never give up.

What Karina Wishes She Knew When She Started

* Accountancy skills, but i learnt these along the way

*A greater understanding of technology such as websites, SEO’s

* Marketing to grow a client base

Karina’s Advice to Potential Business Owners

Never give up, if you fall over get back up and try another direction.

Skills Karina Recommends for those Starting Out in Business

Find yourself a good mentor.


Karina’s favourite entrepreneur is Richard Branson. She loves his ‘no limits’ attitude along with his ‘think big’ mantra.