My Connection Statement

“I help small-business owners with business support, admin services and content writing.  I design administrative systems and resources to inspire individuals giving them clearer direction, more focus and more time to do what they love.”

About Me - My Biography

Karen Weller is a Business Administration Executive, Writer, Author and Inspirational Coach.  She is renowned for bringing inspiration, guidance and success to small-business owners; through her exclusive business support, valued membership, helpful resources, content writing and administration services.  She is the founder of Karen Weller Business Services; a business based on her personal values: honesty, integrity, conscientiousness, reliability and community spirit.  

Karen has more than 25-years of experience in business administration, agribusiness management and office management.  She is a freelance writer and author of the blog Country Heart Spark to promote the future of the agricultural industry, encourage personal growth and provide inspiration with supportive connections. 

Challenging life events, adversity and personal struggles over the years has led to Karen developing a passion for writing and using her inspirational words to reach others to provide them with guidance in life.  Her passion for personal growth has led her to develop a Business Membership model, with a natural tenacity to support and help others.  Collectively, she uses her administration skills, writing and exclusive business resources to strategically support small-business owners and individuals to succeed in life.

She has been successful with her award-winning writing and has had articles published in Country Women’s Association of NSW “The Country Woman” Journal and the Rural Women’s Network “The Country Web”.  She has also won a Great Blog Challenge with Writally.

As an honest, reliable, understanding and self-motivated woman, Karen loves to inspire others and is skilled in office management.  Karen believes everyone has their own unique attributes that they possess for a purpose.  Sometimes it just takes guidance to discover their purpose, their potential and their positive influence within.  Business success and personal contentment will be the outcome for her valued clients.

Acceptance of unique qualities, finding inner strength and inspiring others, is the motivation that drives Karen to success.  Her strong work ethic, clarity and structure, coupled with honesty and integrity, is the key to unlocking your true value.  Her motto is to “Own Who You Are” and allow the world to see the real you.  Business will strategically and successfully mould around who you really are and what you believe in.

My Expertise

  • Business Support
  • Administration Services
  • Freelance Writing

My Passions

  • Writing and inspiring others.
  • Personal growth and development.
  • Design and organisation.
  • Sustaining the Agricultural industry.
  • Community support.

My Interests

  • My Blog Country Heart Spark
  • Country Women’s Association of NSW.
  • Advocacy for women and their families.
  • Country living.

How I Can Help Other Members

  • Business support and advice.
  • Resources and templates.
  • Administration services.
  • Content writing.

Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

I joined the HerBusiness Network because I felt compelled to become a part of a supportive environment for business development, business connections and networking opportunities.  I love to support people and provide assistance to others wherever I can.  I also am passionate about community spirit and I felt this network would provide me with the support and encouragement that I desired to have around me in my business.

The Connection Moves really did resonate with me in my life and business:

  • SHOW UP – I am renowned for always attending community events, actively participating in the community and supporting others.  This move aligns with my values of Reliability and Conscientiousness.
  • SPEAK UP – I could use some help to communicate my value, learn to ask for help and utilise communication channels.  I love to build business relationships and support a positive mindset.  This move aligns with my values of Honesty and Integrity.
  • LIFT UP – This is my favourite move… to connect with, collaborate and lift up fellow members.  I love to inspire others and acknowledge the great things in people’s lives.  This move aligns with my values of Community Spirit.

The HerBusiness Network model aligns with my values and for what I believe in.

My Member to Member Offer(s)

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