About Me - My Biography

My background in consulting, business, accounting and systems, lets me leverage my specialist expertise and passion for helping others to make things better and motivates me to help small business owners streamline and grow their businesses.

 Typically my clients are entrepreneurs in small-medium sized businesses who have the challenge of getting too little return for too much work. 

My business, Operations Genie, grants wishes to the owners of small business. Wishes to:

– Spend more time to do what you love.

– Scale and grow your business.

– Streamline and control your business.

– Develop a business strategy and plans to achieve your goals.

My Expertise

My background in consulting, project management, business management, accounting and business systems, allows me to leverage my specialist expertise and passion for helping others to €œMake It Better and motivates me to help small business owners optimise and grow their businesses.

My Passions

I’m fascinated by businesses of all types and sizes. I have a wealth of experience which I am keen to share with business owners. I’m passionate about working with business owners to optismise and grow their businesses.

My Interests

I love Live Theatre, Plays, Musicals, Opera and Ballet – in various capacities – management committee, production management, set design and construction, scenic set painting, costume design, backstage, very occasionally on stage and very frequently as an audience member. I’m a proud life member of Peridot Theatre in Mount Waverley which donates tickets to 4 performances to local charities annually. Making great theatre and making a difference in the local community.

How I Can Help Other Members

Operations Genie runs workshops, Group & Individual Mentoring and Consulting.

I can help member with time mastery, goal setting, business strategy, planning and systems.  We work to streamline and grow your business and reclaim your time

Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

I’ve joined HER Business to connect with like-minded business women; to help them thrive in businesses and to keep my skills up to date and learn new skills and pass on my expertise.

My Member to Member Offer(s)

Members can purchase my book – “Operations Genie – Practical Ways To Control & Grow Your Business” for $29.95 + $5 P+H with this LINK.