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I am the founder of KISS To Sell an online sales training and coaching business built to help women in business grow and thrive.

I help women in business learn to confidently connect, engage and convert their prospects into clients through my tailored sales training and coaching.

Over the last 25 years I have built a wealth of experience in running businesses and most importantly with selling.  I deeply understand how businesses operate, and why women stop themselves from thriving and asking for what they want.  In my business I combine practical experience with the theories and frameworks from my MBA from Melbourne Business School and Change Management through AGSM.  Together this gives me a wealth of tools to understand your business and help you find your confidence to grow.

As well as work I live with my husband two young kids (Iris – 7 and Freddie – 5) and older bonus kids and so I am highly aware of the attempt to balance work and life.  She knows that there is nothing quite as educational as learning negotiation techniques from children … they are after all the masters!

My Expertise

I help women in business learn to confidently connect, engage and convert their prospects into clients through my tailored sales training and coaching.

In addition to my sales coaching and consulting I have completed a Graduate Certificate in Change Management and an MBA from the Melbourne Business School. Coupled with my hands on sales experience, I have a toolbox of techniques I draw on to help businesses to understand themselves and their customers.

As a business owner I understand the pressures of juggling cash flow, staffing and business administration, and sometimes you are the only person making it all work. Juggling and managing to keep all the hoops in the air.

I have consulted to start-ups, mumpreneurs, small and large businesses.  They have one thing in common: they don’t really understand their sales process and how to deliver more clients more easily … and that’s where I help them.

Helping business owners to uncover and refine their sales process and through that educating on what great selling is … means that they then have the power to make better decisions in their business.  Whether that is employing a sales person or changing their sales pitch.  Knowledge and understanding gives you confidence to take that action you need to move your business forward.

My Passions

I love selling … it’s true!  I know that makes me unusual.  My passion is seeing women in business shine !  That light in their eye when they learn that great selling isn’t about a tricky, manipulative experience.
My passion is seeing these women stand in their power and confidently talk about their business about what it is, what it does and why they started and continue. When a confident woman talks – people listen, engage and learn.

My Interests

I love playing with my kids.

I love food with friends (combined is more fun).

I love learning new things about life and about myself.

How I Can Help Other Members

If you lack confidence in talking about your business and consistently engaging the sales process in your business then I can help.

I help you gain confidence by understanding that great selling is helping people buy – it’s about relationships and helping everyone win.

I help you understand and practice the activities that will help you deeply understand what you do and deliver new clients into your business.

I help you review the results of this mindset change and activities in order to stay continually improving on your sales journey.

Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

I am passionate about supporting women in business to be the best that they can be. I find that women entrepreneurs (like entrepreneurs in general) are very supportive of others and help out where they can. So, communities like this are imperative for building and being a strong community.

My Member to Member Offer(s)

I would love to get you started on your sales confidence journey … and to do that I have happy to give HerBusiness exclusive access to the first week’s video and workbook in KISS To Sell Sales Training for People who don’t like Sales.

“Fran, it’s people like you who help teach me the rules to make accessible this new world.  You make explicit these ‘implicit rules’ that nobody teaches us.”  Erin O’Brien – Activate28 – Founder

Yes please … 

Normally $99 – you can have free access to this first module in Sales Confidence so you can learn:

  • Your sales numbers + why you have to know them
  • Simple and effective ways to get more referrals into your business
  • Why you have to be the Sales Champion (and how to do it)

These steps will show you how to make yourself relevant to your clients when they have so many choices. You’ll begin to dig into the 3 most important elements for your sales confidence.

Sign up here to get started on your Journey to Confident Selling.


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