My Connection Statement

I help women in senior leadership roles thrive in their careers by building their confidence to lead from the heart and transform the way life and business is done through my online signature courses – Leadership.Done By Design & Life.Done By Design.

About Me - My Biography

After a long corporate career in HR and organisational development, in both private and public organisations I have combined my heart for teaching with my passion for personal development to build Done By Design. I am a mindset coach, using my skills and qualifications in psychology and knowledge management (culture and systems) to create a community of women who want to be intentional in the way they live and the way they lead. To be honest, I don’t always like what I see in the world and I’m concerned at how removed we have become from our true nature. I believe as women we are kind, compassionate, smart and savvy at our very core. But our superpowers as intuitive, nurturing, collaborative and  compassionate beings have been devalued – especially in the workplace and especially in senior leadership positions. I believe it’s time for us to seperate ourselves from the social conditioning that has  permeated our souls. It’s time to reclaim who we are and step up to re-shape the future for our families, our workplaces and our communities. Our life and our mission is too important to leave to chance. It must be Done By Design.

My Expertise

I’m a mindset coach and online community leader with expertise in HR, organisational development and leadership and change.  I have graduate qualifications in psychology (organisational) and post graduate qualifications in adult learning and knowledge management (culture and systems). I’m in the process of getting accredited with the International Coaches Federation.


Prior to setting up Done with Design, I worked in the federal government in executive and senior executive leadership roles for 14 years. I worked in project management and organisational learning roles in private industry before that. 


As well as Done by Design I own three bricks and mortar retail stores. 

My Passions

I’m passionate about the positive effect gender balance can have in the workplace, especially when women can safely show up with their superpowers – compassion, collaboration and intuition. Too often women leave senior leadership positions where these attributes can have a real influence on organisational culture because they are no longer valued at that level. I am passionate about helping women find their way through this because they are so needed. I want them to take comfort in the knowledge that they are not alone and that somewhere else in the world someone is doing the same. I want to know that while they might not always see the direct result of what they do, they do it anyway. I want them to  believe that every time they act authentically as who they are, without the politics or behaving in the way others expect them to, someone is looking and learning; and someone’s views are shifting. And I want that to be enough.


My Interests

I am a passionate zero waster and advocate for the environment. I own two Sources Bulk Foods zero waste pantry retail stores.

I also have a bricks and mortar fabric and yarn store The Stitching Room which I own with my sister. I’m not a sewer, knitter or crocheter so its an act of love! 


How I Can Help Other Members

I would love to co-facilitate training, be a guest on your podcast or write a guest blog for you. My approach to leadership for women is unique.  I believe that when we embrace our cyclical nature, reconnect with our inner wisdom and work through our old stories and limiting beliefs we can become all that we are destined to be. We start living and leading with intention, by design and not by default!

Due to the nature of my programs, I would also love to work with other coaches to offer an affiliate arrangement for those wanting to transition their one on one coachees to a group environment.


Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

I became a HerBusiness member to meet other women in business and look for opportunities to share and collaborate.

My Member to Member Offer(s)

I run a free 5 Days Seasonal Affirmations program online to embody the good vibes of each season. It’s online and includes daily emails and Facebook lives. It’s a modern twist on an old tradition.

I run a 6 week online live course Life.Done By Design. Using my own framework I take you through a process to reconnect with you (the smart, sassy version of you),  your dreams and your desires. You get lifelong access to this course so you can go through it time and time again as you pass through life’s phases. It’s $495 but reduced to $475 for Her Business members. The next one commences January 11th 2021.

I run a 12 week online live  Leadership.Done By Design Course. Over 12 weeks we go deeper on my signature framework while we tackle the big issues of leadership so you can become the leader you were destined to be not the leader others expect you to be. The beta version of this course stars 22 March 2021. It will be a one off never to be repeated price of $695 with further iterations selling for $1495.00. It also has lifelong access you can come back to time and time again.

Due to the nature of my programs, I would also love to work with other coaches to offer an affiliate arrangement for those wanting to transition their one on one coachees to a group environment.