About Me - My Biography

My fascination with the world of botanical aromas began some twenty years ago the first time I opened an essential oil bottle and experienced the transformative power of scent. This journey led to my discovery of the vital role our sense of smell and scents in general have in shaping our mood and that of our environment, how they can bring back memories or create new ones and the benefits they bring to our daily life and the practice of mindful living.

My focus in the past few years has been on designing and developing the Scentcillo essential oil range to allow others to start their own path of discovery of the value and importance of essential oil scents and their vast potential to enrich home life and the every day. Our essential oil blends create different moods and ambiences for each room of your home, shaping and transforming your living space into a place of sanctuary or retreat.

My Expertise


Heighten your experience of scent, enhance your living environment and enrich and expand your lifestyle with Scentcillo hand blended essential oil diffuser blends. Set the perfect mood with the lush botanical aromas of essential oils as part of your daily aromatic ritual. 

Scents have the potential to be immediately evocative, emotional and meaningful. They have the ability to mold our intangible sense of the transformation of a house into a home or a sense of place. Style isn’t only about the way a room looks. Don’t underestimate the role scent can play in the design of your space. 

How I Can Help Other Members

Scent can be used in the design of a well-functioning work space.

Using aromas in the home or office work space can be employed to promote productivity, stay motivated and stimulate creativity.

Diffusing essential oils in the work space assists in getting settled and focused when working or studying. Scent can trigger a certain mood or behaviour as a result of associative learning, where the brain links together past experiences.

If you use a certain scent when you’re working, the mind can connect that scent to a particular experience, helping you to concentrate on the job at hand.

It is a tool we can use as a prompt or mindful pause for a smooth transition to the focused mindset we need to get down to work. This is especially true if you’re working from home where the home/work division can be less distinct.


My Member to Member Offer(s)

$15 voucher towards your first purchase of Scentcillo essential oil blends.

Use the voucher code SCENT at the checkout.