My Connection Statement

I help inexperienced single women and older couples that lack confidence and experience when buying or selling a home. I provide one on one, face to face consultation empowering their real estate choices and helping them feel safe.

About Me - My Biography

Eighteen years in residential real estate in Melbourne, a life time of wanting to help (dare I say “meddle”) and putting my hand up at AGMs led me to Ms. Property Melbourne.

Ms. Property Melbourne was founded in May 2019 from a desire to educate women about real estate – not property investment – the importance of keeping a roof over their heads that they own.

As I watched older clients make decisions that I thought unwise and became more involved/immersed in a world where women strive for gender equality and empowerment I realised that I could help, I had something to offer.

When you find your purpose the problem is how to monetise it. Passion doesn’t pay the bills.

I assist inexperienced home buyers and sellers, advising and advocating  them through the real estate maze.

I provide qualified (fully licensed since 2006), experienced (began in residential sales in 2002, had my own office twice necessitating involvement with property management, trust accounting, staff, accounting – everything!) and expert advice (continuing professional development, networking with agents around Victoria, REIV).

I help women wanting to sell by selecting agents, working with agents and providing a liaison between agent and home seller, ensuring they get their best possible outcome. Agents have a conflicting role – they are paid by the seller and yet only get paid when they successfully negotiate with the buyer. I am not interested in the buyer, I am only interested in my client and their outcome. It doesn’t cost the seller any more as I share the agents selling fee.

I help women wanting to buy by thoroughly researching their criteria, searching for properties that meet that criteria, researching those properties that the client is interested in and working with other third parties , negotiating with the selling agent and bidding at auction as required. The cost for this can vary, depending on the clients need, full service is usually 1.5% of the property purchase price.

I stay with my client from beginning (what do they want and how can I help them achieve this – what do they need to do to sell and to buy) through to Settlement and moving into their new home.

It can be a lengthy, emotional process and I provide safety and comfort, a surety that they are being looked after by having their own, personal, real estate agent by their side.



My Expertise

Residential real estate in Melbourne and surrounds, assisting women to buy and sell their own home.

My Passions

Family – two children, age 28 and 25, partner of 30 years, my mum and my two sisters and their families, my extended family

Business – Ms Property Melbourne

Life – National Council of Women, Voices of Women, Tintern Old Girls Association, Collingwood Football/Netball Club, NGV, Australian Ballet


My Interests

Ms. Property Melbourne

Empowering women to have a voice and believe in their voice



music – very diverse

How I Can Help Other Members

Real estate advice or how to become involved with the NCW or VOW to strengthen our voice and become more influential in the decision making process.


Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

I need to become more accountable, more business focused.