About Me - My Biography

Hi I’m Carly or Carlybee as I’m also known. I’m from Melbourne, Australia and I first found an interest in internet marketing back in 2003 when I came across good old SiteSell and the awesome, passed-on now, Corey Rudl. Having a background in IT from working as the only female in technical support in a telecommunications company, I always seemed to relate to tech savvy individuals and enjoyed learning about and reviewing new products that we had a chance to play with before public release. Not many women I knew enjoyed my passion for technology back then, so I kinda stuck out like a sore thumb amongst the guys but I learned a heck of a lot about mastering software quickly and how to make a critical analysis and an honest review on new products without getting all emotional about how pretty they looked!

I have done many things and got side-tracked with usual ‘work’ over the years but always kept one foot in the internet marketing and entrepreneurial world. I first learnt to design websites in 2002 when I was employed in-house as a trainee web designer for an online equine network company.

As I was being paid to learn, the learning was of much more value than my mere wage. I would travel one hour each day to the office which was on a horse farm, packing my old desktop into my car every morning to take to work! Yes I had to bring my own computer everyday as they had none spare and I would take it home each night to teach myself software such as Dreamweaver, flash and Fireworks. I must have been passionate to learn as I’m sure my wage barely covered my petrol each week!

My first real internet marketing role was in 2005 where I worked as an internet marketing consultant for an Australian internet marketing company in Melbourne. I was responsible for the online conversion, development, Google account management, sales and marketing for company owned websites and I also ran affiliate marketing programs for clients.

Prior to this I dabbled in internet marketing, organic SEO, web and graphic design and any chance I had to promote these skills in jobs I held, I always managed to persuade the companies I worked for to let me do some online work for them, whether it be marketing or creating a website!

My best examples for that was when I worked for an International Horse Transport company, I was working as an International Flight Co-ordinator and Personal Assistant for this high-pressure international horse transport company. I was responsible for organising and delegating international shipments, dealing with international and government clients and companies on a daily basis and generating new contacts and flying around the world delivering racehorses to international clients! Now you would think, there’s no room here for internet marketing in this role – wrong! Within my usual role, I created them a website, maintained it, did banner add creation, online sales and marketing campaigns, organic search engine positioning including, link building, article writing and submission, writing copy and updating web pages with new content. I admit I did bite off more than I could chew but I did teach myself a lot and they were very happy! A win-win! The second was working for Porsche Cars in Melbourne which was a blast, especially being given new Porsches to take home!

More recently I found a passion in graphic design, studying communication and UX design at Torrens University in Melbourne. I also plan to follow up on my internet marketing passion which has been re-ignited so I’m back involved in the world of internet marketing once again.

Say hello, would love to connect with you!

My Expertise

My main area of expertise online business management and I am also a Professional Makeup artist for Film, Television and Events. I’m excellent at inspiring and motivating other women to start a successful business of their own!

My Passions

My ongoing passion has always been creativity, whether it be online design, makeup design, entrepreneurial ideas online and sharing them with like minded passionate driven individuals.

My Interests

Technology, creativity, art, horses, online marketing, travel, family, friends.

How I Can Help Other Members

I am good at bouncing ideas around and have a myriad of skills in different niches I want to share.

Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

I have many entrepreneurial ideas and goals and to be able to share ideas and strategies with other like minded passionate driven women would be awesome!