My Connection Statement

I am Bianca de Reus, the Soul Connector. I help women awaken to self-love, harmony and joy through soul Connection via soul coaching and animal communication.


About Me - My Biography

Hello beautiful Soul!

My name is Bianca de Reus, the Soul Connector: Bridging Spirit with Humanity.

I am also an intuitive animal messenger, speaker, published author, spirit channel, shaman and founder of the Connecting Soul Beings Programs, and Podcast

I was born and raised in the Netherlands and moved to Sydney, Australia in 1996, where shortly after I was approached by a wild snake who told me what my life’s purpose was to be.

My journey has taken me to now being an inspiring and passionate Soul Being, who consciously aligns Souls to Soul. I help people connect with their inner self, their spiritual abilities, the animal kingdom, ancestral lineage and Source.

I awaken the awareness to self love and joy through soul connection. I believe I am a game changing soul connector and intuitive animal messenger, who works outside the norm, and brings clarity by guiding people to trust in the flow of freedom.

I continue to live my life with passion and enthusiasm, learning any lessons which arise, and healing myself by stepping into my heart space and reconnecting with my Soul to listen and take inspired action. This has led me to develop spiritual abilities, which empower me to share my passion and wisdom with people around the world.


My Expertise

I have learned many different things, and even in the corporate world (where I worked for over 20 years!) I was a natural leader, coach and mentor. So when I learned this via courses and certifications, it felt like I was working with my natural skill sets. As a result I have gained many qualifications, from business and management, to vocational training, from coaching to energy healing and from personality profiling to animal communication.

Nurturing, mentoring, guiding and teaching others are a passion as well as my expertise.

Recently I discovered that creating and participating in collaborative projects, interviewing others on a summit or podcast are great fun and highly rewarding.

In November 2018 I published my first book, Hello? Can you hear me? So…that makes me a published author – gulp! I guess I can put writing as a passion in the next section as well ;-)

I love sharing information, and therefore I am a highly experienced facilitator and inspirational speaker. Webinars, summits, podcasts, group work (online and in person) and radio are enjoyable mediums.

In April 2019 I launched my podcast ‘Connecting Soul Beings’ inspiring others to connect in real time, with other humans and animals.

Through Connecting Soul Beings I run the following programs:

  • Mastery Program

  • Online Courses

  • One-to-one mentoring

As a speaker I love to talk about:

  • Hello? Can you hear me?

  • Bridging Spirit and Humanity

  • Collaborate at a high vibrational level

  • Your Pet is your Mirror


My Passions

Obviously I am very passionate about all Beings! I love everything to do with alternative healing, spirituality and exploring all there is to know about metaphysics and the animal kingdom.

I am also passionate about learning human behaviour, heart connection and combine the science, spirituality and natural healing abilities and how we ‘operate’.

The other things I enjoy are being creative in Canva, hanging out on Social Media, setting up admin systems online for others and helping to setup very simple websites (yep…love the techno side of business and life!)

And I most of all, I love connecting people with people; it fascinates me when I introduce the right people to each other resulting in them having a great relationship or collaboration happens!


My Interests

I live in Sydney, Australia with my beautiful wife, Lana. I am a compassionate human being and I love my work, love to travel and enjoy photography, music, sunshine, nature, travel, cooking and spending quality time with my family and friends.

I indulge in liquorice, chocolate and whiskey, although not always together!


How I Can Help Other Members

I consciously align Souls to Soul. I help you connect with your inner self, discover your spiritual abilities, the animal kingdom, ancestral lineage and Source. I awaken you to the awareness to self-love and joy through soul connection. I bring clarity by guiding you to trust in the flow of energy, high vibration, which brings you the freedom to be the beautiful Being you are.

It will be my honour to guide you in finding out who you are as a human and soul Being; how you can learn to truly listen to your inner self. I will also teach you how to integrate new-found (spiritual) abilities in your every day life (or business…)


Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

I have been with HerBusiness on and off since about 2004! 

It is so amazing to be back again. I really love the connections with the other members and being able to support them, encourage them and celebrate with them, as well as learning from and being inspired by them. 

I am looking forward to being supported, encouraged, held accountable and celebrated, so as to take my business to the next, higher level and truly experience the free lifestyle of being a spiritual entrepreneur.


My Member to Member Offer(s)

I cannot wait to get to know you and your animal companions! Finding out what we can do together, as a team, to help you!

You are warmly invited to connect with me so we can explore the best way to work together. During our initial exploration, I will connect with your animal to find out what is going on for them, so you have a basis of understanding. You can start today, by claiming your free Alignment Strategy session here.

HerBusiness members receive a 15% discount on all programs and consults.