My Connection Statement

I help women speakers and business owners to be a voice people love to hear, by using their voice powerfully and presenting confidently, authentically and with authority. I do this through my workshops and individual coaching, online and face to face and in The Vibrant Voices Studio membership group.





About Me - My Biography

                  As founder of Vibrant Voices, I have been empowering business owners, speakers, CEOs, leaders for over twenty-five years. to connect and engage deeply with their authentic voice and confidently speak with presence, credibility and persuasive power.  

                 I have synethised decades of practical and academic experience into a tool kit of micro habits that quickly free clients voice problems. Their voice is transformed into a powerful tool that flows with resonance and animates their unique messages with authority and confidence so they become a voice of influence in their business. 

                  Through my Confident Voice programme, clients can choose both tailored personalised coaching and workshops on-line and face to face.

My career spans 25+ years working as a facilitator and speaker, and 8 years working in media, TV, and PR Plus training with leading voice researchers and educators including Jo Estill (USA) and Jeanette LoVetri (USA). I hold a Bachelor of Communication (UTS).

My clients include, McKinsey, MLC, Rothchild, CSIRO, Cochlear. Unilever, ANZ, CBA, Woodside Petroleum. PWC, Toyota.

I also love coaching vocalists, recording artists and actors through my Voice and Music Studio in Sydney.

In parallel, I’ve toured Australia singing professionally and have written and co-produced an album of my original songs called “Light”.

My Passions


I’m love supporting my clients (and friends) to shine. I have always been drawn to helping people to highlight their unique qualities in their voice, nature and expression in the world.  I believe the gift we each bring is our “beingness” and that this nurtures and uplifts those around us.

Learning.  I’m driven by my curiosity to learn and deepen my understanding of people and the world.


Collaboration:  For us to take the time to listening and appreciate different perspectives and speak up and express our needs and ideas.





My Interests

Meditation, Yoga and Self Reflection: living in the flow.

Writing and co-writing songs and music.  My CD “Light” is streaming on all music platforms.  And I love performing to a crowd.

Weight training: it’s so empowering to feel strong in my body.

Catching up with friends by going for a long walk/talk and then a catch up in a cafe:  heaven on a sunny day.

Reading: I read a little each day and some days for hours when I’m relaxing. All sorts, fiction, spiritual and business books.


I love travelling to new and exotic places.  Hopefully will again in the future………….


How I Can Help Other Members

Coach members to use their voice to boost their confidence and express their message powerfully.

Use their voice as a vehicle that lifts them into a new level of authority and ability to share their message in their natural authentic style with ease and power.

Amplify and animate the content of their messages by how they use their voice to express their intention.

So they are a voice of influence in their business.

Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

The values of HerBusiness align with what I believe to be important in how I relate in business and community. Supporting and uplifting each other.

Being in a community of women and sharing our business journey and inspiring each other.


Great resources and education that has high quality content tailored to my level of business. The resources are a totalled package that is aligned with integrity and authenticity and has common principles that flow through all resources. So much easier than grabbing different pieces of education and coaching from all over the place and working out what can actually work for me.


The opportunity to work with women in the community.

Get honest and quality feedback that help me refine and develop my products.