About Me - My Biography

Alicia Navarro is CEO and Founder of Skimlinks. Alicia evolved the business over many years, starting with a social decision-making tool Skimbit.com, then after building Skimlinks as an internal monetization tool, launched it as a stand-alone commercial platform to help other businesses monetize their editorial and user-generated content.

Her ability to make tough intuitive decisions to guide her company to success makes Alicia a well-regarded entrepreneur in the tech start-up community both in London and the USA

A regular speaker at high profile industry events, Alicia is able to talk tech with the best of them and her passion to harness technology for publishers is infectious.

Armed with case studies, Alicia presents an open and honest look at blog content monetisation, providing actionable guidelines and a fresh perspective.

Prior to Skimlinks, Alicia worked for 10 years in web and mobile application product management for the likes of IBM, Vodafone, Optus and Fairfax Media. She has a Bachelor of Information Technology from University of Technology, Sydney, and managed to win the University Medal for graduating at the top of her Computing Sciences faculty. Alicia’s ideal food adventure would be blue cheese and champagne in France, oysters in her Sydney home, and paella in the Balearics.