Inspiring Your Team To the Core

Blair Singer operates from the premise that organisational change and development can only truly happen as a function of personal development. His business is turning companies into Fast Companies through team, leadership, sales and communication training. He also trains... read more

Job Security is Dead

The collapses of Ansett and HIH Insurance, and the troubles at global companies like Andersen and Enron, reinforce what world leading financial educator and author Robert Kiyosaki has been saying for years: job security is an obsolete idea. “Today,... read more

Money is a Drug

In our family, we had a cousin Willy. Cousin Willy was an alcoholic, but no one ever said anything about it. At least not to his face. Everyone just pretended that there was no problem… including cousin Willy. I... read more

Partnership Power!

The Four Steps to Success In the beginning, great products were enough to guarantee business success. Product sophistication, six sigma manufacturing and zero defects clearly beat the competition. But benchmarking, product imitation and reverse engineering soon appeared…and now everyone... read more

Profitable Success on the Internet

Despite the current climate of dot-com cynicism, the internet is still an effective platform to launch a successful business. Renowned internet marketing specialist Corey Rudl lets you in on five rules that will make your website effective and profitable.... read more

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