How To Get More Done

We all know the consequences of spitting into the wind. Yet, that’s what we do every time we act against our instincts. And that’s why so many are so miserable in their jobs and so frustrated they can’t get... read more

How to Improve Your Cash Flow

Cashflow is the lifeblood of any enterprise from a street stall, corner shop or charity, right through to a transnational conglomerate. When cashflow plummets (or isn’t there right from the word go), then the enterprise faces, at best, challenging... read more

Inspiring Your Team To the Core

Blair Singer operates from the premise that organisational change and development can only truly happen as a function of personal development. His business is turning companies into Fast Companies through team, leadership, sales and communication training. He also trains... read more

Job Security is Dead

The collapses of Ansett and HIH Insurance, and the troubles at global companies like Andersen and Enron, reinforce what world leading financial educator and author Robert Kiyosaki has been saying for years: job security is an obsolete idea. “Today,... read more

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