Small Business Finance Course

When it comes to business, money really does ‘make the world go ’round’. Managing your cash flow and your accounts properly is as important as getting new business. Even if you choose to hire a bookkeeper to manage your books, understanding the fundamentals of good financial management will put you ahead of the game. The Small Business Finance Course will look at the critical aspects that underpin the financial management aspect of your small business. During this three-part online course, you will:

  • Examine the key elements of financial planning
  • Formulate or review your own budget
  • Identify opportunities to improve profitability
  • Discover tools to make managing your business finances easy
  • Uncover ways to make numbers align to your business goals
  • Learn what to ask your accountant to be sure you get the best tax advantages
  • Understand how to get the best deals from your suppliers
  • Realise ways to get paid on time
  • Discover ways that your customers can help you save
  • Uncover the role that outsourcing plays in small business money management
  • Be introduced to tools to make it easy to manage your business’ financial information safely and on the go.

Part One – The Fundamentals Numbers

  • What is financial management
  • How do I set financial goals and outcomes
  • How do I prepare a budget
  • What is Cost of Sales and what are Expenses
  • Cash flow management
  • Business Budgets – an important tool to manage your small business finances

You will be able to set up your own business budget, even if you have never done a budget before.

Part Two – Cashflow and Profitability

  • Ways to improve profitability
  • How to generate more cash flow in your small business
  • Cash flow projections – ensure there’s money coming in the door
  • Business Structures – pros and cons of having the right corporate structure

Part Three – Bringing the Numbers to Life

  • What reports make most sense for your business?
  • What to ask your bookkeeper
  • What to ask your accountant
  • Live intuitive data – managing your numbers in real time
  • Your little box of stats (reports ideas to keep them on track)
  • Software and platforms to make life easy

Learning Outcomes and Program Features

Some of the practical outcomes you’ll receives as a result of attending the Small Business Finance Course are:

  • Understanding the fundamental language of small business finance and what different terms mean, in practical terms
  • Creating your own business budget, tailored to your numbers
  • Knowing what questions to ask your bookkeeper and/or accountant to get the best out of them
  • Discovering they types of business finance reports that will make most sense to you to let you know how your business is performing at any time
  • You’ll receive numerous handouts and training resources to support your learning and finance skill development

Plus, through the use of case studies, you’ll evaluate the workings of finances in real businesses and share the lessons that are relevant for your business

Program Format

  • 3 Modules: 1 x 90 minute webinar, 2 x 60-minute webinars
  • Interactive format and live Q&A
  • Resource materials, templates and links to useful sites and tools


Pricing – Premium Members Save

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What past course participants say:

“The course forced me to take a critical look at the numbers of my business and provided me with the knowledge to start plugging them in myself.” I have gotten excited about ‘numbers’ and realised the importance of reports in meeting my goals.”

“I now understand what my financial reports mean and what I can do about them.”

“The course helped me get a budget together.”

“I have learned the difference between cash flow and profit.”

I have much more financial focus and control. I do cash flows for business planning clients, but had never done one for myself!”

The course helped me get on top of my numbers and review them more often.”

“I found the distinction between what to ask your accountant vs what to ask your bookkeeper very important. I had no idea and have actually been asking my accountant bookkeeper questions!”

“I didn’t realise there was new software and applications that could make it so much easier to manage my finances.


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  • Small Business Finance Course
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  • Speakers: Karen Houghton
  • Venue: On-Demand Course

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About the Guest

Karen Houghton started her own business in October 1995 at the age of 28 after the birth of her second child."It became apparent to me that employers found my status as Mum to be an unattractive qualification on my resume." So fueled by a desire to change that perception and...