“Transform Your Lead Generation Success Using the Power of a Blueprint for Social Engines Lead Gen. Success” Did you know there are only a small number of entrepreneurs and business owners building their businesses quicker and cheaper than ever before using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Digg, LinkedIn and more? It’s pretty hard to have missed hearing anything about these sites however, still a little known and recognized fact among business owners and entrepreneurs is that these social web sites (collectively called ‘Social Engines’ by Jennie Armato) are providing fresh, qualified leads that are translating to real business income – and for the most part, it’s all happening for free. Here are a few key stats:

  • Facebook.com has the most page views of all sites in the USA (yes even more page views than Google) and a membership base reported to spend, on average, 45 minutes per day on the site.
  • Twitter.com is the fastest growing membership site on the web today, growing 1382% Feb 2008-Feb 2009 and with the majority of members in the 35-49 year old age group.
  • YouTube.com is the second only to Google as a place people search and instantly consume videos with information, ideas, inspiration, education and entertainment. Its members upload 24 hours of new content to ‘feed’ this consumption every minute of every day.

If you want to develop new lead generation opportunities online for your business too – both improved quality of leads as well as increasing the number of leads you receive, then you must find out about Jennie Armato’s “Social Engine Success Blueprint”. Jennie Armato is a businesswoman, web entrepreneur and online coach to many entrepreneurs and small business owners all around the world. She helps you connect up with the most powerful online lead generation opportunities available today on the Social Engines, using a systematic approach that allows you to leverage and automate as much of lead generation process as is possible.

During this webinar, you will discover:

  • The key attributes every web business MUST HAVE to connect up for the greatest possible success on the social engine sites, including an essential element called a “weblog” (known as a blog)
  • How to integrate automated lead generation from Twitter, YouTube and Facebook with your web business blog.
  • The 3 most effective ways to generate a steady flow of qualified leads on Facebook.

Comments from the audience:

Webinar was fantastic although now realise that this could in fact have gone on all day as there is so much to cover! Thanks ABN!”

Excellent connectivity!”

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