My Connection Statement

I’m Zoe Heard from Get Heard, and I’m an email strategist and copywriter.

I help online retailers who sell products for the home and products for children to make sales via email and grow a thriving eCommerce business. I conduct email audits to find gaps and opportunities, and create winning email strategies based on voice of customer research. I write done-for-you email marketing campaigns that convert.

I help retailers get started from scratch with email marketing, or revive a dormant and neglected list, or improve ROI on an already well-performing email list.


About Me - My Biography

I have been running my copywriting business, Get Heard, since 2017. I have a knack for simplifying complex topics, and writing customer-focused copy that sells.

Before starting my business, I had a background in retail, fundraising and event management.

My Expertise

Writing done-for-you email marketing campaigns for  eCommerce businesses, including email strategy and email sequences:

– welcome sequence
– sales sequence
– post purchase emails
– new product launch sequence
– abandoned cart reminders
– process and delivery sequences
– consumption sequences and new customer onboarding

How I Can Help Other Members

Through copywriting for email marketing campaigns, I help eCommerce businesses make more sales online, on auto-pilot, using automated email sequences. Emails smooth gaps in the sales process and make a brand front of mind when the customer is ready to buy.


My ideal clients are:
Established eCommerce business with a multi-6-figure or 7-figure sales turnover. I write for companies making products for children, families and for the home. I have a background in retail, and my favourite retail jobs were working for Bed Bath N’ Table, and The Disney Store.

My Member to Member Offer(s)

I’ve helped six members clarify their connection statements. If you’re struggling to describe what you do and what you solve, I can help you nail your connection statement in a 60-90 minute Zoom workshop.

We can also create longer messaging to use on your Facebook About page, and shorter bios for Instagram (150 characters).