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ZiBiz Business Systems helps small business owners systemise their business so that it runs independently of them, to achieve more freedom, flexibility and the business lifestyle they have always dreamed.  We provide tailored business coaching and consulting programs, as well as business development workshops and online courses. 

About Me - My Biography

ZiBiz Business Systems is a boutique management consultancy specialising in business systemisation.  We help business owners achieve the business lifestyle they have always dreamed by providing tailored business coaching and consulting services, as well as business development workshops.  We assist business owners design streamlined operational systems within their business to enable it to run independently of the owner, for a more relaxed and stress-free working environment.

We work with small business owners who want to structure the systems in their business to take it to the next level:

• FRANCHISE – create a reproducible, turn-key operation

• SELL – increase the value of the business by placing it under management

• EXPAND – scale up with new locations, markets or products

• AUTOMATE & KEEP – step away from daily operations to retire, go on holiday or just improve work-life balance.

Having a systemised business means: ✔Streamlined business processes ✔The right people in the right roles ✔Documented policies and procedures ✔Improved efficiencies in operational procedures ✔Better business decisions with improved metrics and reporting ✔More adaptable to changing markets, ahead of competitors ✔Consistent customer experience for more repeat customers ✔Control and visibility of entire business.

My Expertise

  1. Streamlining and automating business systems
  2. Information systems design (data schema modelling, entity relationship modelling)
  3. UX (user experience) and CX (customer experience) design, Customer Journey Mapping – have you thought about all your customer touchpoints and are they all aligned with your brand promise?
  4. Organisational Charts, Job Roles and Responsibilities
  5. Mapping ‘As-is’ and ‘To-be’ business processes and procedures
  6. Defining workflows, information flows and status flows with complex business rules
  7. Implementing metrics to allow for test and measure of performance
  8. Business Modelling – do you have a viable business model?
  9. Business Capability Mapping and assessing maturity – Value Chain Mapping

My Interests

I am an entrepreneur at heart and am passionate about anything to do with business and systems.  In my spare time I enjoy dancing, fashion designing, interior decorating and being a Mum!

Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

To educate myself and to connect with like-minded businesswomen.